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Aqua 59
Hello everyone, I have some very cheeky hermit crabs. Every night they crawl around, eating, I assume, and in the morning there are tons of uprooted plants strewn about their tank. It cute all right but a little annoying- the plants are starting to turn yellow. Will the crabs stop pulling them up if a put some small stones around the base of the plants? What can I do to distract them? Is this just a temporary habit since I just added the plants a couple days ago, and will they stop on their own?
Also, I have some parakeet toys- I know crabs like to climb so would they like parakeet toys and would it be safe for them? Thank you!
Hermit crabs are scavengers and they are more active at night they are also avid diggers nothing much you can do beside putting the plants in the corner and placing a rock in front of them to help block them a little make sure the plants aren't toxic to them as they may be eating them

I don't know about the parakeet toys but they do sell hammock nets for them to climb on
I tend to stay away from wooden toys since the glues used... we have no idea. Not to mention, if it has been treated beforehand.

As for plants, using some large pebbles can help. But that's crabs for you, they will dig where they want to dig.

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