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Discussion in 'Snails' started by xxbyamomentx, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. xxbyamomentx

    xxbyamomentxValued MemberMember

    I'm pretty sure this will be my last snail for this tank until I upgrade size, but I had to share my new baby! Aqadvisor has me at 61% stocked, but it could possibly be a little higher than that due to the sheer size of this big guy.

    I had to go about an hour out of town last Thursday after work to pick up a gift for my dad, and of course there's a pet store up there with a snail-only tank I can't help but check out. It does sadden me that they don't keep any plants in it, but since it's full of apple and ramshorn, I guess I get it. The snails always seem to be doing okay and their shells always look nice, it's just an awful lot of snails in a tank up there. I was able to check out the snail tank and somehow walk away from it without another snail. :p

    Then as I was walking through the fish setup, I found this guy. He was in one of those tank setups where the water goes to all the tanks like in chain stores, only these tanks were much smaller. I'd say probably a couple gallons. It was this guy and a few fish I didn't recognize, and the poor guy definitely didn't have room to snail around comfortably. His shell looks TERRIBLE...but he has the most interesting color patterns, even for that kind of damage. I got a closer look at him and was able to tell that by some miracle he didn't have any cracks or chips and he seemed to be healthy. I didn't have it in me to walk away from him forever.

    Since Thursday, he has completely eaten my water sprite plant (it is now a one inch stem I'm leaving in just in case it dares to grow back) and about a quarter of an amazon sword. I've got him finally eating snail jello and collard greens, and I'm gonna try him on broccoli soon. I can't wait to see what his shell will really look like now that he's finally getting some calcium and room to roam.

    Omanyte waves hello!

    His size compared to my hand...yep, he's a big boy.
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    That's a big snail! No wonder they're called apple snails!
  3. OP

    xxbyamomentxValued MemberMember

    His shell and operculum are SO thick, even with all the terrible pitting. And his feelers are thicker than the siphon of the other snails. I really hope that the pink and orange in his shell come out when he grows, he reminds me of a sunset. :)

  4. rainman

    rainmanWell Known MemberMember

    Truly a remarkable find. I applaud your caring heart for helping the old boy recover. He's   . Would you be interested to keep a blog or something on his recovery? I, like many on here will be interested to see the outcome of your rehabilitation.
  5. OP

    xxbyamomentxValued MemberMember

    Definitely! :) I don't have a blog, but I'll absolutely keep pictures/video here with his health and shell progression. I'm not sure how old he is, but he settled in nicely and has one heck of an appetite. He's already done so many remarkable things that I might even keep a notepad file or collection of videos on him. A 'snail journal,' if you will :giggle:

    Also, thanks for the ID! I honestly wasn't sure. Now I have an idea of what I might expect his shell growth to look like...I'm thinking he's either a lighter brown or a darker yellow, and he's definitely striped. More than likely a 'wild' type snail, which excuses his bold personality. hehe
  6. Bithimala

    BithimalaFishlore VIPMember

    We have a blog section on here. You can go in and edit it to add updates :)
  7. ashleyb

    ashleybValued MemberMember

    Oh wow, what a magnificent old boy you've got there! Yes, please let us know how he's doing from time to time! I recently rescued a bunch of mystery juvies that had bad pitting and brittle shells. I'm also the type of person who grabs the underdog and then gloat and beam when they bounce back! I'm sure he will live out the rest of his life very comfortably in your care. Bravo!

    Ps - did you name him yet?
  8. OP

    xxbyamomentxValued MemberMember

    I couldn't decide! Almost named him Wumbo, but ended up letting my boyfriend name him for his name is Omantye (from Pokemon.) We're nerdy. XD

    He's doing great so visible growth, but my mystery snail ate most of the algae off his back so the green and fuzzy stripes are almost gone. He literally eats 24 hours a day sometimes, then he'll sleep for a little bit and go back for more. My only complaint is the much poop...I siphon directly under him each morning or follow his path, it's very obvious where he goes at night. :p
  9. Aquaphobia

    AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Eating and pooping are signs of a very happy snail;D
  10. OP

    xxbyamomentxValued MemberMember

    He's VERY happy, then! :p He's so social when I'm near the tank that I tease him about it every morning. I swear he chuckles as I clean up after him.

    I missed out on the tank upgrade deal of a lifetime by deciding to buy it a day too late...a Pet Supermarket out of town had a 27 gallon flat back, hex front tank with a stand for $119 that was over $450 before. It was fine, just stock they needed to move and put it on massive clearance. Sold out right before I decided where I'd put it. I'm still kicking myself! And I'm on the lookout for something around that size again.
  11. ashleyb

    ashleybValued MemberMember

    Keep posting pictures! I can't get enough of this guy. I'm in love from afar and very jealous haha.

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