Cheap veggie clip, nothing like saving $1.99!

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First of all I know clips are cheap, however I did not want to drive an hour to my LFS or wait a week for a shipment.

So you know how you could do almost anything with the old metal clothes hangers? You know roast marshmellows, christmas ornaments, unlock car anyway. You know how you can't do anything with these stupid new plastic clothes hangers? Well I am a guiness, almost.
Grab yourself a plastic clothes hanger. Cut it a couple inches past one of the bends on the top. Then cut it right before the other bend on the bottom. You should have a long J shape (depending on how you hold it). Now grab a dremel tool with a cut off tool and make a two or three inch cut in the top of the J (like in the picture). Viola! a veggie clip that you don't have reach in the tank to get out, it also floats and hangs nicely on the tank. You might have to "prop" it against a decoration or something cuase it wants to float up sometimes.
You could easily attach a wieght to it if needed. The only veggie clips i've seen in the stores have suction cups so you have to stick your arm in the tank to place them lower towards the bottom. I have a shy Silver Dollar who does not come to the top of the tank so this lets me put his dinner right in front of him!


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that is a great idea easier than the ones you buy at the fish store. Maybe you should go into business with this product I will be your first buyer. lol

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