Cheap solar pond pump - could I get it to filter as well?

So I've got a little 50L (13g) chinese bowl. Looks pretty much exactly like this:


I've actually calculated it as 66L exactly but I have large stones in the bottom so I'd say it's about 50L now. It's got two submerged milfoils and a potted, floating lizard tail. I've just ordered an el cheapo solar pond pump (no access to electricity in location) and I was just curious if I could get some filtering through there, as well? Is there a way to add some filtering capabilities on there? I was considering putting a small freshwater fish in there if I could get it to filter.

. I know, it looks very cheap. It's just to try it out.

Bonus question: What could I potentially put in there if I get filtration going? I mean, a part from 10 adult koi fish
Matt B
I would think you could rig something to the outlet to have it power some sort of filtration. TBH though I would just go heavy with the plants, utilize the pump for movements and put a couple mosquito fish or similar in it depending on temp and let the plants handle the light bio load.
There are filter boxes you can buy at garden supply stores. You can put a fountain in and it becomes a filter. It comes with sponges and some come with bio balls. As for the solar fountain, I believe them to be too weak and if the sponges are to clog just a little you'll find yourself rinsing the sponges too often.
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The filter boxes aren't really readily available in Australia. The ones that are have insane delivery costs or prices Thank you for that advice, however.

Matt B, I rigged a piece of zeolite-coated foam onto the intake, just to kick it up a notch. Hopefully it helps.

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I'll be getting a few firetail gudgeons (native, small fishies) for it, as well.

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