Cheap 4.5g Aquarium For Shrimp And Nano Fish

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    The tank is a 17L (4.5g US). Aqua 20 which I picked up for just £10 ex display (no filter).

    Lighting is what comes in the lid of the Aqua 20.

    The filter is a SuperFish BioAir with Fluval Biomax. The filter has a cage with maifan stones at the bottom. I emptied these and put the biomax in for more bio filtration - probably an unnecessary step.

    The air pump comes from the small world filter set but I guess any small airpump will do.

    If you buy the tank as a set it comes with a filter with a spray bar which should be fine as long as it has a shrimplet proof entry. I'm not sure how customisable the media is though.

    The heater is an Interpet Deltatherm Aquarium Heater - 25 W set to 24 degrees. Of course any small tank heater will do.

    Substrate is Tropica Aquarium Soil (I probably could have done with a more fine substrate).

    Hardscape is hardly visible but it's a rock from a mountain (passed the vineger test) creating a bank for a rear wild row of water weed (Egeria densa) with a small piece of bogwood. The front is filled with java moss. There's a marimo ball hiding in the back left corner.

    There are 8 red cherry shrimp adults and 5 crystal red. 3 Celestial pearl danio.

    I originally had 9 other small brown amano shrimp but was afraid they might breed with the crystal red so moved them. I also had 3 Endler guppies instead of the CPDs, but they began to go for the shrimplets after a few weeks. (When I first got them they wouldn't even eat brine shrimp!). The endlers got moved and replaced with 6 CPDs, so no waste was lost for the filter to keep its cycle.

    There are two assassin snails also because the first occupant was a pest snail I decided was my pet. Now I'm regretting adopting it as there are too many pest snails now.

    The shrimp possibly don't need to be fed because of all the plants but I do feed them shrimp food hoping it will make up for the lack of hardness in the water - for their shell and moult health. I've had a few moult deaths. Until recently I allowed a lot of algae growth on the front glass (the sun shines on it in the day a bit). The shrimplets loved it but I wiped it (sort of regretting it!)

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    Nice find :)