.Channel Catfish Care(Temporary). Help save them?

Discussion in 'Catfish' started by ashbonsai1200, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. ashbonsai1200New MemberMember


    ^^ Summary. Channels, small 8"-11" appeared in a lake nearby. They got eaten by other fish, disturbing the ecosystem. Some fish guys got it out and are selling them at the sunday fish market since a month ago. When it first happened i "rescued" a 10" female.
    I gave it a 9" companion which died of columnaris.
    Cuz a that - started in a bucket,then tank, seperate buckets in columnaris incident, back to barren tank

    2 shops- tank, nets,unsuitable food, ?? blue medicine, electrocuting oxygen thing(not supposed to electrocute and slightly stupid advice from first
    freeze fried tubifex worms and seemingly good(difinitely better) advice from the second one.

    from my other post( link^^)
    " So:
    Tank- 22"/16"/11.5"
    Water- 16 gallon
    Salt - 1.5 tablespoons, Fish Cure, blue liquid- 3 drops
    Filter- Sponge, Speed/ Pressure can be changed by opening or closing the cap a bit.
    Nets- 1 blue 10"/7" for fish and 1 yellow 4"/3" for food issues.
    Pump- 1 Blue. To take out water from specific areas or in general.
    I have no kit or further equipment.
    There was a oxygen thing but it just electrocutes me so I thought it better not to experiement that with the fish.
    I have no idea what else to do, or not do. "

    1 female, probably channel, catfish now 11"
    No idea what to do

    Is the food n stuff alright?
    The fish guys are asking if i can help more of the little fish during my gap year(i just graduated) till they are atleast 15".

    How many CATFISH can I keep in that tank at once?
    How old are they, average.
    Any diseases I should watch out for. How do I prevent?

    How do catfish breed? We don't need fry here. Do they lay eggs or do eggs hatch in tummies or what? What age/stage/season/situstion can or do they mate in? How to avoid?
    Should I keep only 1 sex at once? Which one? Do males fight Do females have problems over eggs?

    Someone said i should keep the male to female ratio to 1:2, one male per 2 females, if i am mixing sexes. True or false?

    Should males be smaller than females?
    Should I keep the same average length or does it not matter?
    Why the heck are some of the females egg area red and but leaky?

    What is this issue about stress? What water condition, quality and temperature is needed?

    Basically ai need a short, fast, mini channel catfish 101 cuz they keep dying n causing damage(not sure how, the fishermen n sellers seem to be in need of severe antidepressants these days tho, so it cant be alright) n id rather they stay alive.

    Why does my catfish suddenly hate me when she was comfy enough to nudge me sometimes before?

    What do I need to do and what can i do? Or not do?
    Help save them.

    Any advice or comments appreciated.


  2. slayer5590Well Known MemberMember

    Your tank is way too small for a fish of that size. And that is a walking catfish not a channel catfish. Catfish don't do well with salt in their water and meds should be used at half strength. You need to keep the top closed as well as they can and will get out. I'm not sure where you are from but walking catfish are illegal in a lot of countries.
  3. shadowfishWell Known MemberMember

    if its a walking catfish then its highly possible that its illegal,In the USA you NEED (its a law) to kill any in aquariums.not sure if its the same in india...but if they are creating problems then the are probably invasive there too and can wipe out other fish native to there.

    can you get a better pic from the side so we can make sure what catfish it is?

    the nitrogen cycle explains alot out why we do water changes,bacteria cycle,ect.
    and your tank is too small for even one catfish and they can be stressed and stunted if you dont get a bigger tank or rehome.
  4. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    Im actually quite confused if these catfish's suddenly appeared in the lake they might be as they said and are walking catfishs. They are something you dont want to to raise and let it get bigger. they are terrible. and if you rehome this catfish(or put it down) it would free up the tank for something else that may be more suitable to have and may also solve the fishbowl predicament you are having in the other thread :)

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