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Hello fellow fishkeepers...

I have a Channa Bankanensis (around 5.8 cm) in a 2 ft planted (growout) tank.
Temp is currently 78F. He is fed approx 1.3 cm of an earthworm every other day (sometimes three if he doesn't come to the worm I show him through the glass) supplemented by prawn, mussel etc. Anyway, I'm rambling...
I cant find much information on this specific species, and if I can, then it probably conflicts with other info from another site.
So, I'm really just looking for personal experience. The tank filtration is a simple dual sponge filter with around a years worth of bacteria. nitrites/nitrates etc are fine.
i have plenty of cycled media from other canister filters i have running on other tanks.

What i'm basically looking for here is someone that could tell me a perfect temp, pH, Hardness and flow. And even Possibly how often/ what you feed your Banka, How big it will grow etc...

Thank you for any future replies, it's appreciated!

P.S. I can attach some pictures and videos if needed when I am home from work.
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