Changing Treatments Asap Please Help!


HI Guys,

I know what ich is and know how to treat it. But I have a major problem....

One of my mollies presented popeye symptoms, she is my favourite fish (not that I have favourites, but if I did ) so immediately dosed with myaxin. A waterlife treatment. Which is for popeye (among other things).

However this is where the problems begin...
the next day one of my guppies had white spots on her body. Noticeably ich which I have actually never had before...

These white marks have now completely gone but I understand that treatment should continue for 14 days to ensure the parasite has gone from the tank.

No new fish added for a couple of months so I’m guessing it’s been dormant.

Anyway, above I stated how I used myaxin to treat the Popeye, trouble is. I need a different treatment for ich, I need protozin, but these 2 treatments cannot be used within 4 days of one another...

I’ve lost 5 fish now. All who do not actually have any white spots on them... does this mean it’s progressing?

I can’t use salt coz I have shrimp which I don’t want to lose. The treatments I have been using have already killed one of my cherry shrimp

I don’t know what to do.

My options include;

1. Do a large water change and just dose with protozin as it is specifically designed to treat ich (among other bacterial infections)

2. Wait 4 days to change treatment but potentially lose more fish

3. Just continue with the myaxin. Which does still have the active ingredient malachite green in which is what is needed as it’s better than nothing.

I really don’t know what the right option is. Someone please help!!!



Hey Emily. Can you post pictures of the popeye? Coradee you mentioned meds available in the UK that would be perfect here. I can’t remember what it was. Can you? Please?

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