Changing tanks?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by 1thing, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. 1thingValued MemberMember

    So the usuall thing to do when getting new fish is to slowly add them!

    but what about when upgrading to a bigger tank??

    so when it is cycled do I keep the old one up and unning and slowly introduce them or all of them???

    btw I'm using the filter from the old tank!!

    What do I do??

  2. TJBenderWell Known MemberMember

    If you're using the filter from the existing tank and that tank was cycled, it should already have a BB colony established that could handle the bioload of everyone at once. Make sure you start with the least territorial fish and, over the course of several hours, move up to the most territorial. The DG should be the last fish to move over, imo.
  3. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    If you're moving over the seeded filter from the old to the new, then you can move all the fish at the same time. The bacteria cultivates to the amount of food it has, so the size of the tank really won't matter.

    But I would still slowly acclimate the fish for things like temp and pH variances. A drip acclimation for an hour or so would be best.
  4. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    Your old filter handled your fish, regardless of tank size, so if the BB are intact, move the fish in. Biofiltration services a specific bioload, not a specific tank size.
    Any new fish, 'tho, should be added gradually, and if you intend to increase the bioload, an extra filter never hurts---all the best, rick
    Btw, I take it from your post that you intend to use the old filter on the new tank?
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  5. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    So long as your existing filter is rated for the size of the new tank, you can add all your fish right away.

    When I upgraded from my 36g to a 46g I took all the filter media out of my old canister and put it into the new canister (along with some of the new ceramic media since the new filter held more). I then took about 20 gallons of water from the old tank and put it into the new tank. Then put the fish in the new tank and topped it off with new tap water. To the fish, it just seemed like a normal 50% weekly water change.

    I didn't have any spikes at all.
  6. GgAcEValued MemberMember

    Be sure to take the fishes temperament into consideration!

    If you have a fish that is timid & rather hide majority of the time, let him/her in first. Give them a few days (if possible) to acclimate to a "home" as you don't want em stressed.

    I moved my Gar & oscars, & fire eel to a 125. I wanted the Eel to get comfy in the new substrate while allowing them time to hunt shrimp knowing that when the oscars come, it's buh bye shrimp. The eel quickly learned the wholes in the large drift wood giving him ample opportunity to relax. My 2 oscars are paired so when I moved one first (seriously only 3 rooms over....) the 2 begin freaking out until the second was added.

    I compared this move to moving large dolphins. My bedroom was SOAKED. Big Oscars can fight =)

    As for your tank..... If it's seeded & your levels are good? Have at it! I only wanted to tip you off on the timid fish as the more aggressive ones wont have many problems.
  7. 1thingValued MemberMember

    Thanks everyone!!!! Great help!!!!

    and yea I'm using the same filter!


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