Changing substrate ?

  1. ctclee Member Member

    i have a newtank and i set it up a while ago the levels are good and i want to change the subsrtate soon. right now I have marbles as the substrate in a 5.5 gallon tank.
    I have been told to keep some of the old marbles in a nylon bg to kep some of the bacteria .

    now here's the question can i go about it a diferent way and put some of the new cleaned gravel in a nylon bag to collect bacteria ? and then change it all in a couple weeks?
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    you can do it either way but keep ALL the old marbles...but id do the new in now and the old in a nylon just to have a nice bed of bacteria that has oxygen flowing more freely through it..but thats just how I would do sure both ways would work ok
  3. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    Again I find myself agreeing with Shawnie. I would put the new stuff in & hang the old in a stocking or nylon bag in the aquarium. Both ways will work but it will be more effective to have the new gravel installed & the old stuff in the bag IMO. Leave the old stuff in the bag in the tank for about 2 weeks.
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    :;laughingyour check is in the mail ;) :anim_35:
  5. ctclee Member Member

    ok so should I use ALL the marbles from the current setup? or just a portion? cause its a small tank?

    I know the theory behind this because I want to keep the benificial bacteria. I also heard of people cycling a tank quickly by using the bacteria from the filter.... could I use that in conjunction with some of the marbles? because I think in a 5.5 galon tank a bag of marbles that size might take over a large portion of room in he tank. ie no swiming room for the fish .
  6. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    you need ALL the marbles only set up the tank dec 5th (if your aquarium info is correct) so the current tank might not even be completely cycled yet...what are your readings for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates right at this point? and where would you get established media from a filter? do you have more than one tank?
  7. ctclee Member Member

    Thank you Shawnie for your help but I didn't mean change it right now ! I meant in a couple weeks possibly Feb. I tested last night with a api master test kit and today is my water change day. the ammonia is 0 and i can't remember what the nitrates and nitrites were they weren't zero but the test kit said they were acceptable and would be lower after a water change. (can't remember I'm at work right now)

    the established media would come from the sponge in the filter.
    Cycle a tank in 3 minutes

    I do have a second tank but its empty for now. (hopefully jan or feb) Whats the second tank needed for?
  8. ctclee Member Member

    I put a bag of new gravel into the tank but then i got impatient so we are slowly replacing the Marbles with pink gravel. Last check the ammonia is at 0 PPM nitrItes are at 0 PPM and the nitrAtes are around 20 PPM (API test kit says under 40 ppm is good)

    Here is what it looks like today . Bear in mind that there are wayyyyy too many marbles in there right now.