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How long between spawns?

My femele, other than being agressive, seems to be a good breeder as she had ALOT of eggs and I would love to attempt to pair her with someone other than my CT male (egg eater :mad, what are the chances of this happening? Also if it is possible, how long should I leave her before the next attempt? Her damage isn't very bad although I am a lil worried about her being too agressive if she doesn't like another boy. Mostly she just hid before allowing him to spawn with her.
If I do just use my old couple instead (Mummy and Daddy) would I have to change the water in the spawn tank first? Would it be too soon for them? Their last spawning was 8 weeks ago.
Could I use a DT (Mummy) with another male or should I just go get another female and condition her?
I have a HM that I could use although I have not been using him because as he was a rescue betta his fins were all ripped up, they are healing well but he is also a bit on the skinny side. There is no way I would put him in with the agressive girl (that's how he got ripped up in the first place, my friend put them together before I rescued them) but I know that Mummy is gentle, although once again the timing and compatibility comes into play :-\
I can wait but I am definately retiring the egg eater. What do you all think?

Well after much consideration I have decided to let my boy and girl recover and try again in another month or so... if that is enough time. How long should you leave them between spawns?
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