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    hey, I have ah 60 gallon fresh water aquarim with black gravel the tank just cycled not too long ago my question is i want to switch it too sand If I drain the tank but save the water and re use it does the tank have to recycle
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    Hi, the bacteria that keeps your tank cycled is in the filter media, not the water. Just keep the filter media in tank water and you'll be fine. :)
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    Oh okay that makes sense thanks
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    I have done this before without taking any water out of the tank. Just remove all the decorations and scoop out the gravel with a cup or a Tupperware container. You need to heavily rinse the sand before adding it. You can do this by filling a bucket half way up and filling it with water from the tub or a hose and Churn it. Then scoop it with the cup and put it in the tank. I have done this with fish in the tank and no deaths.
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    nice did you drain it half way? Also which sand would you recommend?
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    I didn't have to because once the rockwork and gravel came out the water level was actually pretty low. I have caribsea sand that is extremely fine. If you don't want dust storms every once and a wile you can get the stone flakes but snails and gobies prefer the powder and personally I like the way it looks. Just know that if you do add fine sand to got water it will be extremely cloudy for one or two days. Just let it settle on its own and the filter will pick up what doesn't sink.
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    I have done this three times and it is fun but dirty. I use pool filter sand and put it in a 5 gallon bucket to rinse it. you need to rinse it four or five time stirring it to make sure you get the super small particles out. then make sure you use a dechlorinator such as prime in the bucket on you final rinse. lastly drain your tank to about 50 percent and add it in slowly (I use a fish net and it worked perfect!). Your tank will be cloudy for a day or so just make sure once it clears up, if your filter is making noise, clean out the filter propeller to avoid damage. sometime sand can get in there and tear it up haha.

    this applies to most sands by the way, but I have only used pfs so depending on what your using someone else my have to give you more specific advice :)
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    Id give a bump for pool filter sand too. What I used to use. $15 for 50lb is tough to beat
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    yeah here in virginia it is 8 dollars for a 50lb bag haha! the people at petsmart were trying to tell me i need the nat geo aquarium sand which is like 15 dollars for a 15lb bag :p
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    Did a double post sorry. Thought you could have a look at mine i did the switch.

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