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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Photobelle, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. PhotobelleValued MemberMember

    I have 2 filters on my 20 long. My ac 30, which I have the foam pad, charcoal bag and biomax bag. I do make my own charcoal bag and replace that every month or so. My tank was recently cycled to I am pretty familiar with cleaning the media in tank water and everything and not change it all at once. I also have a quietflow 10. This has the cartridges and specialty filter pad area. Has anyone switched and stopped using these products and made your own? I don't have any of the specialty pads left as those it is hard to just clean and I ran out. The cartridges I have 3 or 4 left and I just swish them. It is so much easier to clean the AC product cause I can actually squeeze it in old tank water, whereas the cartridge has the plastic inside so once it gets to a point I have to replace it. So if anyone has any ideas, products, pics on how to convert my quietflow that would be great!
  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    My old goldfish tank came with a QuietFlow filter, and since I didn't really like not being able to easily use carbon with it, I added an AquaClear to the tank. So in my AquaClear I used the standard setup of the sponge, carbon and ceramic rings. With the QuietFlow I took the cartridge, cut a slit in it and dumped the carbon out. I would then use the floss covered frame until the floss was disintegrating. I eventually broke the plastic frame cleaning it in dirty tank water, but would still stuff it into the filter box. So long as water was coming in contact with the floss, the bacteria on it could consume the ammonia/nitrites as the water passed thru the filter box.

    But that doesn't really answer your question...does it? Well since you have a sponge and carbon in your AquaClear, you really don't need those in the QuietFlow, so you can just buy a bag of the ceramic media (the ones for the AquaClear filters) and stuff that in the filter box of the QuietFlow, and ditch the cartridge all together.
  3. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    I have all aqueon quiet flow filters and those cartreges are wicked expensive. I make my own. I use polyester batting from Walmart. 110inch × 110inch roll is about 10 bucks it lasts about a year. I just cut the media out of the old cartridges and wrap the batting around it. I put carbon in it too.
  4. E150GTValued MemberMember

    I also have a quite flow 10 that I just have running on my 29 in addition to my AC70. I cut a piece of aqua clear sponge to go into the little spot on the outflow that I don't throw away. I took out the "bio holster" and stuffed an ATI pre filter sponge in there so that the water has to go through the sponge. Thats it. I just wring out the sponges every so often. That is what I have done to my 5.5 gallon as well. It has a penguin 75 without the bio wheel. I just filled it with pieces of aqua clear sponge instead of cartridges and I have an ATI pre filter sponge on the intake to keep my shrimp happy. I never really have to clean the sponges in the filter, just the pre filter sponge. I used to also have bio max in the penguin along with the sponges but I took it out to help seed the 29 when I got it.

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