Changing From 10 To 15 Gallon

  1. Mwhisslethorp

    Mwhisslethorp New Member Member

    Hi everyone!

    I currently have plans to upgrade one of my 10 gallons to a 15 gallon, and I just had a few questions that I thought I'd see if anyone could answer for me.

    1) What is the best way to transfer the fish with minimal stress?
    2) What percent of the water should I keep from the original tank?
    3) Do I need to get a different kind of heater for a bigger tank?

    Also, I am thinking of having live plants in the 15 gallon as opposed to the artificial ones I have currently. Any advice/recommendations on what kind of plants are good for beginners? If I get live plants, do I need any specific kind of lighting?

    Thanks! :)
  2. liberosis4170

    liberosis4170 Valued Member Member

    Live plants:

    There are many low light plants you can grow. ANACHARIS. JAVA FERN is also a great one to have. It doesn't plant in the soil normally and is tied to driftwood, taking nutrients out from the water; much like another easy plant called ANUBIAS. Floating plants such as FROGBIT or even MONEYWART are super easy. A great hardy foreground plant is JUNGLE VAL.
  3. Floundering_Around

    Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    If you can get the 15 gallon set up before the 10 gallon is torn down, do that. If not, drain most of the water, transfer the fish to the bucket, setup your 15 gallon, and then put in the old filter with media and everything along with your fish. Make sure to use dechlorinator. Wouldn't want to fudge up in your haste.
    You don't necessarily need to keep any of the old water but it won't hurt to keep as much as you can.
    I'm not familiar with heaters (I don't use them in any of my tanks. Shhh, don't tell the other members) so you would have to check the wattage and see what the highest gallon your heater can handle.