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HI there!

It's been a while since I've posted here. I miss checking all the new posts, it's great to see that FishLore is alive and well!

Anyway, my 90 gallon tank that I started in March is doing great. The fish are growing and the tank looks fantastic. My blood parrots turned 5 this past August and they are happy as ever. I'm so glad I made the decision to consolidate and upgrade to one big tank instead of multiple small ones.

Right now I'm running an EheI'm 2028 professional canister filter. It's doing the job, but I would like to get some more circulation going in there. I'm thinking about switching to two Aquaclear 110s. Any opinions? Anyone go from a canister to power filters? Are you satisfied with the switch? Thanks!
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I would stick with canisters. Perhaps get another canister if you want. The SunSun canisters are great and very cheap. Or you could have your existing canister with 1 Aquaclear HOB. Or perhaps add a sponge filter or 2. Ebay has some cheap sponge filters that work great. They have 2 sponges each, and would be some good supplemental filtration for what you already have. The surface disruption from the bubbles would add extra oxygenation and the have a decent amount of flow, so you could place in any corners that need some extra flow.
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Adding my 2 cents..............I tend to agree with Dolfan. I have a Sun Sun HW 404B along with an aquaclear 110 in my 75 gallon tank. Keeps the water clear as can be and also provides a backup in case one of the filters quit on me.
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If you are just wanting to help with water movement get a power head. You have plenty of filtration with what you have already. Going from a canister to a HOB would be a downgrade. And getting a cheap canister like a SunSun would also be a downgrade. If you really want more filtration, add a HOB to what you already have. A Aquaclear 70 or 110 would be fine. But you could also just buy a power head to help with water movement.

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