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Hi. Newbie here just after some advice.
I have a superfish 200 filter in my 100 lite tank. I’ve got a handful of danios, 2 mollies handful of neon tetra and a small pleco

On the filter box is says to replace the filter every month. I’ve read mixed things about changing filters due to good bacteria etc so what’s the general rule of thumb?


Don’t change it monthly. That’s just a scam to get you to buy more. For filter pads don’t change it unless it’s literally falling apart
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Technically the carbon should be replaced every month. Nobody needs or uses carbon on a permanent basis.
By putting carbon in a cartridge they can feel they are technically correct in their scam to fleece your money.
After a month the carbon is not working but as you don’t need carbon you don’t need to waste the bacteria.

Carbon removes old medication after it’s stopped working ( so does a water change)

Carbon removes the smell of a dead fish. ( don’t you want to know if you have a dead fish in your tank?)

Carbon is a hard surface that is a home for bacteria ,just like every other thing that is in your tank . Rocks are a home for bacteria.

I do not replace the sponge that has been in my tank filter for years and nor do most people.
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Appreciate your help guys


Mollie23 said:
Appreciate your help guys
Just to further clarify, rinse the filter cartridge but don't replace it. And you can cut it open and remove the carbon if you'd like.

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