Changes In Vision?

  1. easternsierra

    easternsierra New Member Member

    Hey all-

    Over the past few months my betta has been through his fair share of issue: SBD, fungal infection... He's recovered super well with everyone's help which is great!

    I've noticed over the past few months though that he has had trouble seeing his food, almost like he's far-sighted (I don't even know if that's a thing in fish). I'll drop a pellet in, and he'll swim right past it then swim backwards to try and find it again. I usually have to guide him with my finger and even then it's like he can't tell where it is. It takes me 6 minutes (I timed myself) just to feed him 5 pellets. Sometimes it's easier to get him to eat when I feed him thawed blood worms because I can over-correct where he's swimming with some tweezers.

    His eyes look clear, no diamond eye or pop-eye or anything like that. I clean his tank 1X/week and treat with Prime, he is otherwise healthy and probably 1.5-2 years old.

    Anyone had experience with this sort of thing that could help me out when it's feeding time?
  2. California L33

    California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I've never heard of this problem, but I suppose it's possible. Is there anything with the lighting that might make it difficult for him to see his food?

    If he is having trouble seeing, here's a trick that might help- I don't like extra food in the tank, so I've trained mine to eat off a common bright red cocktail swizzle stick. I moisten the food pellets in a plastic glass. Put one at a time on the rounded end of the stick, get Betta's attention (doesn't take much when he sees the stick), then tap the water when he gets close, releasing the pellet (I don't want him actually striking the stick- don't need to pay for fishy braces). If your fish is having trouble seeing the food, he'll probably be able to see a bright red 'food marker.' On the rare occasion mine misses the pellet on his first strike he sometimes has trouble reaquiring it, so I simply dip the stick in the water to point it out to him, always marking just in front of the food from his perspective.

    You could also try different colored foods if he's having trouble finding what you're using. Tetra Betta Pellets are bright orange (though my Betta will only eat these if he's really hungry). New Life Spectrum pellets are quite dark- my dude's second favorite. Hikari pellets (my Betta goes nuts for them) are quite light colored.