Change Of Plans. Need Some Advice.

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Over It, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    So we've had a change of plans. I have a 5.5 gal that I ordered a Mexican Dwarf Crayfish for for my son. We had planned on just the Crayfish and a Nerite Snail.

    I went to Petco today to try and find some new Tetras for my 29 gal and who did I see in a filthy little cup? Yep my Betta, Turbo who I had rehomed about a month ago cause I thought he was killing my Amano Shrimp.

    Needless to say I felt horrible and bought him back and he is now back home with me.

    Here's the issue we might have. He is in the 5.5 gal that my sons Crayfish is supposed to go in. I'm hoping we'll be ok to keep them together.

    Here's a pic of the tank setup. I got the castle cause it should be small enough that the Betta can't get in, but the Crayfish can. I think I'll get another one as well so it has 2 caves the Betta cant get into. 8192cb094d5a4e7430ea9f335d2d116d.jpgf028a698b47754e21285e4a33fb229df.jpg6747c3a8d036ce6fc94e44fcdd68acf0.jpg

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  2. Jason WatkinsValued MemberMember

    Maybe.. I have had some crayfish that would grab on to anything they could. They can be quite aggressive. I wouldn't trust it with your Nerite Snail either. :/ They're a lot of fun to watch but yeah..

    I hate to hear that about your Betta too. I avoid petco whenever I can. Luckily we have a great LFS here in Cleveland called The Aquatic Den. They clearly have a passion for what they do and will take the time to research and help when I have questions.

  3. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks. I couldn't believe the condition he was in and how filthy his cup was. I really felt and feel horrible for putting him in that position.

    Well I might have to try and figure something else out.
    Think he could go in my 29 with a Dwarf Gourami? He's actually a very docile Betta hence why he was in the 29 gal before.

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  4. Jason WatkinsValued MemberMember

    That might be okay. I don't have any experience with dwarf gouramis per se but if they're fast swimmers and don't spend a lot of time sitting on the bottom then he may be okay. I've just had them grab slow fish and snails and eat them right there. Mean little buggers.
  5. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    I'd either keep the betta or the crayfish. I think the crayfish would tear him up, especially if he's docile. A betta and a dwarf gourami together is a horrible idea, especially if both are males. I try to steer everyone aay from DGS. Horrible, murderous fish from my experiences with them.
  6. Jason WatkinsValued MemberMember

    I was thinking crayfish and gourami. Not the betta. My bad.
  7. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Well darn. I really like my DG cause he is super chill. He swims with my Corydoras all day and hasn't gone after anyone, including the Shrimp.

    I actually redid the 29 gal. so I could add Turbo and he'd have places to go to get away if problems do arise.
    So far Turbo is a little scared of him and the Dwarf Gourami could not care less about Turbo.

    I really don't want 6 tanks. I don't know what to do...

    How many water changes a week should I have to do with the Crayfish in his own 5 gal by himself?
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  8. bopsalotWell Known MemberMember

    I had the same idea once. A betta with a crayfish. Luckily, I did a little research first and did not attempt it. A crayfish would make short work of a betta, I'm afraid. Putting him into a community is less than ideal, too. But you totally did the right thing! We must save our little betta friends from cups! Especially if we already know them! I hate falling for their cruel marketing ploys, but it doesn't change the fact that you just had to have him back. :)

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), the correct and obvious answer is to somehow come up with $75 and give him his own 5-10 gallon set up where he can swim around by himself and be content. Maybe you could find a used tank? Luckily, a betta set up can fit almost anywhere. Good luck, I'm sure he is as grateful as a fishie can be...
  9. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks Bopsalot. You are right, I absolutely had to get him back. He deserves the best and he will get it. I'm so happy I found him today.

    Well I really don't want 6 tanks, but I don't wanna disappoint my son and I don't want to put Turbo into any danger, so I guess I better set up my other 5 gal.
    At least with only 1 Betta in the 5.5 and 1 Dwarf Crayfish in the other 5 gal I'll only have to do small water changes once a week.
  10. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Is it possible you could go to petco and get a 10g or 5g? They are still having their $1 per gallon sale. Then you could put the betta in the tank and still keep the crayfish in a 5.5g.
  11. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Turbo in the 5.5 and the 5 gal for the Crayfish. It has cycled media in the filter so it's all ready for him. Turbos tank needs some work but I'll have to work on it more tomorrow. cb191a0394db33a3c2e9b1264380baa3.jpgbd297910e23080977c28593ffff724b1.jpg
  12. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Love both tanks they look great!!
  13. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks! I'm lovin the crayfish tank. Not so happy with Turbo's, but he already looks so much better and happy. I'm gonna make it as nice as I can for him.
  14. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    I think turbos looks great and the crayfish tank does too!! Add some shrimp and snails with your betta, unless if he eats the shrimp.....
  15. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    Well I know he doesn't eat Amano Shrimp. lol He really is awesome. He already has a Zebra Nerite and I'll probably add a couple more. I like Amano Shrimp, but not enough for their price tag to get more.
  16. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    What about some ghost they are cheap? 2 and 5 Ghost or Amano shrimp would be okay.
  17. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    I'll probably be adding the Amano Shrimp from the 29 gal. to his tank if I get Pearl Gourami. I'm pretty sure it could eat them if it wanted to. haha
    I gonna add another Zebra Nerite tomorrow and I'm gonna switch out a couple of plants I have in my other Bettas tank. The other is a 10 gal so the silk plants in Turbo's will fit better in the 10 gal and a couple shorter silk ones I have in the 10 should look really good in Turbo's tank. Then I just need a nice decoration for him and he'll be all set! Also gonna have to get a couple little caves if I move the Shrimp over.

    I'm not gonna add anything to the Crayfish tank. I don't want it snacking on my snails. haha
  18. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Oh haha sounds like a great plan good luck!
  19. Over ItWell Known MemberMember


    Gotta get to bed. Have a good night!
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  20. ashark8meValued MemberMember

    I have seen crayfish that were pretty grabby and bettas aren't particularly speedy fish. The ideal temp for a crayfish is also a little bit lower than that of the betta. Personally I wouldn't keep them together based on those two things. If you do decide to try it, I hope it goes well.

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