Change of fish food

  1. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    My Lfs has stopped selling my usual fish food, vitalis, and im now looking into other brands so I can order some before my current food runs out. I've heard new life spectrum is suppose to be good but they have lots of different branches and I dont know which one to get. Im not sure if im going peacock or Mbuna yet so are there any foods that feed both?
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd wait until you decide what fish you're getting before you get food for them.
  3. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    I know you may tell me not to do this but I was thinking of a mixed tank. I know that its risky but the only Mbuna in there would be yellow labs who are pretty peaceful. Also the peacocks would outnumber the Mbuna and I think that the aggression would be little and very spread out.
    I know about the dietary differences in the species, one more herbivorous one more carnivorous but I believe special food has been made to feed mixed tanks, especially be new life spectrum but I dont know which one.
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'll let LeoDiaz handle this one.
  5. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Ive talked to him already and he doesn't recommend it, I think I can stop the aggression with the reasons listed in my last post, the tank setup has plenty of rock and hiding places as well for any who are being bullied and there is still plenty of swimming space available. The main problem im having is the dietary one
  6. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    They are not peaceful they are peaceful compared to mbunas standards why can't people understand that. I have yellow labs in my tank that will bully to dead peacocks. And there is no special food to feed mixed tanks, either you feed herbivore food or you feed carnivore food to much animal protein and mbunas will bloat and if not treated die. If you do a mixed tank you are on your own on any questions you have because I don't condone mix species tanks. So I really hope you choose one or another. And NLS is horrible for Africans to many fillers causes a lot of poop in your tanks. I recommend omega one
  7. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

  8. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    Also rockwork doesn't stop a determined mbunas from bullying a peacock I had a 55g with so much rockwork I was afraid the thing was going to break over 200pounds in the tank. Yet my mbunas will still constantly bully the poor peacocks. I have tried mixing them before I speak from experience.

    That food is good for peacocks only.
  9. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for advice on peacock food. I respect your opinion and I believe that you are deffinetley the best person to speak to for advice on cichlids but that seems to be based on your personal experience, I've seen blogs online where people have successful kept mixed tanks, also my Lfs kept a peaceful mixed tank, so is it just possible you ended up with particularly aggressive fish?
  10. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    I have a tried multiple attempts with different fish and in never works, I have gone through a lot of fish I breed this guys so have bunch of fish to experiment things with. Some people get lucky and it works others have just done it for one week and they say works when they haven't kept them long enough.
  11. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Would none of my ideas help reduce that aggression, outnumber Mbunas with peacocks, get peacocks that are larger than Mbuna, have plenty of rock work, only have yellow labs for Mbuna who are peaceful by Mbuna standards
  12. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    Outnumbered mbunas they don't care they don't back down... They will still bully them. Like I said somewhere proably another thread if mbuna set ther mind to it they can take larger fish down and if the peacocks are to large then they will eat them. A lot rockwork like I said doesn't work. Yellow labs have a wide variety of personalities I have some who will take one a mbunas twice there size in a fight and others that just coward. But at the end of the day most yellow labs will be higher then the peacocks in the hierarchy so the peaocks will end up bullied.
  13. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    If other people can experiment with mixing cichlids then why can't I as well. I have a quarantine tank that I can move any of them straight away at any signs of aggression. If I think that its possible to mix some why can't I if I have a back up tank ready?
  14. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    If you don't mind losing money why not... Peacocks are not cheap fish also attacks are unpredictable had two males in my tank they were getting along fine till one day found one dead and the other one giving its last breath. They fought in the middle of the night to the dead how would have stop that from happening? You can't because these fish are unpredictable so saying you have a back up tank is useless because your not always there to safe a fish during a fight. Also how much I pay for the fish I don't want to be losing them for my own stupidity I have fish that cost up to $65 each so losing one is not an option.
  15. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    There not as expensive where I live, I may mix in the future as I've said im still deciding, Any more info on the foods would be appreciated, if I do mix Ill make sure i send you the results
  16. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    There not expensive when young but as they grow there value does too. Can't help you with food in mixed tank there is no way you can satisfy both mbunas and peacocks. And I don't need the results even if works because I would need the results after a year or 2 and I won't be on here by then.
  17. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Ok say I stick to Mbuna I was wondering if Hongi, afras and
    Jaconfreibegi eureka, would work in a Mbuna tank (not necessarily all together but in general)
  18. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    Eurekas are peacocks...
    With hongis I like to avoid other barred mbuna species
  19. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Are they particularly aggressive?
    Would they be ok with the afras?
    (the Hongi)
  20. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    They are in middle of the agression scale I wouldn't do them with afras they would get along better with someone around there size and agression like red zebras or oB zebras or cobalts.