Chances of owning cherries?

  1. eltoro

    eltoro Member Member

    I've been looking for some cool bottom dwelling, semi algae eating fish/shrimp for a while and my experiment with pitbull plecos did not fair so well. I was wondering if I could potentially have cherry shrimp. The one red flag is my dorsigera and it seems that keeping small shrimp with dwarf cichlids is not the way to go.

    However I feel that my dorsigera who is around 2'' is not as aggressive as most cichlids. He/she lives with neons that are barely half an inch with no problems (except at first when he/she went after them). Is having cherries with dwarf cichlids plausible or should I just go with amanos?
  2. Landozer18

    Landozer18 Well Known Member Member

    I think it would work but I have almost no knowledge with the dorsigera.
  3. TedsTank

    TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    I can't give you a definative yes or no answer.

    With enough hiding places and plants, you could keep a few adult cherries but and babies will just be live food for your fish. The personality or aggresion of the dorsigera won't matter, a cichlid will not turn down live food.

    The prices of red cherries is low enough you could give it a try, but not the best enviroment for shrimps that size.

    It could be risky....Personally I would say don't do it (I keep shrimp only tanks), I like shrimp too much...but....