1. WolfaraRose

    WolfaraRose Valued Member Member

    Ok! This is for my 90 gallon build, and I want to incorporate all the different areas the fish are from. SO I broke it down into percentages. If anyone wants to give this a whack feel free.

    45% are from Asia
    2.5% are from Africa
    30% are from Central and South America
    22.5% are from the Amazon

    If you have a suitable list that gives me Back, Mid and Foreground that would be great. I do have an argentine sword that will be in here.

    If you need to see the stock, just reference my blog.

  2. Tonia

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    What sort of fertilization do you plan to have? I normally don't use any because of the eco complete that I've been using, but I also have smaller tanks that get tons of light.
    What kind of lighting, will it be bright or lower level lighting?

    I'm sure you have this link saved, but here's one for plants because I like to take a look at, and read about the plants when someone suggests one.

    Jungle Val - Asia - Definitely background, looks great in a corner or helping to hide filters and heaters
    Mini Rose Moss - South America, I believe - Foreground, but it is slow growing.
    African Water Fern - Africa - slower growing, I was thinking mid for this one.. I just really like the way the leaves look.
  3. OP

    WolfaraRose Valued Member Member

    All the info is cataloged in my blog,but here is what you asked for
    Ferts-Seachem Flourish and API CO2 Booster

    60 lbs of CaribSea Eco-Complete AND capped with 80 lbs of Petco Frosted Black Gravel

    Hood- Aqueon 48" x 18" Versa-top AND 48" Fluorescent Strip Light-Single Bulb AND 1 Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Bulb - 48" - 32W

    Also thanks for the plant suggestions!