Centrepiece and stocking more



I have a 52 gallon (200 litre) aquarium that is planted, it currently has

About 20 neon tetra
6 peppered corydoras
6 marbled hatchetfish

I want to add more fish if I can or at least a centrepiece fish, any advice would be helpful

Thank you


Maybe a harem of Bolivian Rams? 1M 3F.
Looks really good.


I currently have 2x angelfish and 4x pearl gouramis as the larger denizens of my 120g. Take a look at some of the larger rainbowfish as well. We had 3x goyder river trifasciatas that I loved but were casualties of a can filter failure. Those are probably a bit large for a 50g. Turquoises and Irian Reds don't tend to get as big so quickly and may work in small number of 4-5. Hope that helps and interested to see what you decide.


Bolivian Rams, Keyholes, Port Acara, Flag Acara - lots of small/med Cichlids to choose from. Or maybe a school of different shaped tetras like Bleeding Hearts. For something more unusual maybe a small group of Spotted Headstanders.
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Thank you everyone for your replies! I ended up getting Pearl gourami's, otocinclus and rosy tetras :)

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