Centerpiece type plant for new planted 10g!

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    msarko19 Valued Member Member

    Hey yall!

    So I'm currently in the process of setting up my 10g for my breeding pair of German Blue Rams. I'm moving them from my community tank and for the first time I'm really focusing on the aquascape of the tank. I wish I could add pictures but I'm saving that for the finished product. Anyway, I'll be having mostly stem plants in the background, a couple foreground plants but what I really need is a centerpiece type plant for the middle of the tank! I've always done Amazon swords and love them but I want something new to try. I've looked into other swords and found a couple I like but wanted to hear from some other people on what they use. I've looked into Anubias and crypts but I'm not a fan of the slow growth because this will be a moderate lighting, CO2 and ferts set up. Any ideas?
  2. BamBamSorg

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    Madagascar lace plant or maybe a different type of sword.
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    littleredridingmech Valued Member Member

    I don't know much about it as far as the parameters go, but Ludwigia senegalensis is absolutely gorgeous. I've heard it's a CO2 hog and it's red so it probably really likes light but I've never kept it personally.

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    Tiger Lotuses are nice.
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  6. BamBamSorg

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    Wow lol
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    As soon as I saw Co2 my vote was Madagascar Lace, I see BamBamSorg beat me to it though.
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    He he they are such a wonderful plant
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    msarko19 Valued Member Member

    I should mention that I'm using a DIY setup but I enjoy the work that comes with it and most tank maintenance and have the time to keep it somewhat consistent. I use excel for the community 29g so I might add a bit as well. I like the Madagascar lace but won't that outgrow the 10? Similar in size to amazons words? I've looked into "ruby red melon swords" and like the red.

    Here are pictures of the scape so far. I'd say about half way planted and the center piece will be between the clay pot cave and the drift wood! image.jpg