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Centerpiece Fish Ideas And Opinions On Stocking

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Aclman88, May 13, 2019.

  1. Aclman88 New Member Member

    Hi guys and gals!

    I am deciding on a centerpiece fish (or the possibility of one) for my 20-gallon high tank. It is fully cycled and has a good amount of plant life with more to come, which should help remove nitrates. I am running an aquaclear 50 along with a small penn plax bubble filter that I modified to hold aquaclear bio ceramic for adding filtration.

    Currently, it is stocked with 8 glowlight tetras, three albino & four juli corys, and two oto catfish (the small algae eaters). There were 5 cherry shrimp but they are currently MIA (either hiding or did not survive being added. I am planning on adding malaysian trumpet snails and ramshorn snails to help keep algae in check and keep the substrate mixed to avoid anaerobic pockets. I do understand that adding snails will add to the bioload.

    I have tried dwarf gourami and like the look but the petco near me has bad stock and the one I bought died (all tests came back zero) and when I went to get my money back I checked the others and they all looked worse for wear.

    I am considering trying another Dwarf Gourami (I like the blue kind, not a fan of honey), but have also considered a blue ram or an apistogramma. Thoughts on these options?

    Does anyone have any other centerpiece fish ideas? I am also considering loading up on tetras and just having a school of 15-18 glowlights.

  2. caitlinemm New Member Member

  3. Noroomforshoe Valued Member Member

    Your tank is more then fully stocked already, add the snails if you want but dont risk adding more fish.

  4. KaptainStache New Member Member

    Do you change water every day? That is a lot in the tank. I would say that the floor is already pretty full, so dwarf cichlid might get crowded. Gourami might fair well. If you stay on too of changes and have a low water movement. The overstocking Will add co2 for plants to flourish.
  5. Aclman88 New Member Member

    I change the water once a week (around 30% total volume) and my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates consistently test at zero. I think the heavy use of plants as well as the oversized filter help to keep things at such levels. I am pretty sure I will be rehoming one species of the catfish and sticking with just 5-6 of either kind since I have decided I want a pair of Apistogramma, specifically A. Borellii as they are much more docile. I have decided against adding snails since algae seem to be nonexistent for the moment and I don't want to add to the bioload.

    I know that the apistos will stay towards the bottom, so I am planning on minimizing the cory population to just 5-6 of one species. I'm attaching from aqadvisor my current set up (including the apiostos which I do not have yet) to give you a sense of the stocking level.

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  6. BackyardFish Valued Member Member

    I personally think you have space. Especially if you don't add the snails. You have a lot of lower level fish, so what about getting a pearl gurami, or maybe two? They prefer to be in pairs. Or maybe a blue gurami.
  7. imba Well Known Member Member

    I personally wouldn't add anymore fish too. But if you really want to, I'd say a honey gourami. They dont have the issues dwarf gouramis have.
  8. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    A pearl gourami would get too big for a 20 high. I would try another dwarf gourami or maybe a betta
  9. Noroomforshoe Valued Member Member

    If you add apistos to this tank you are killing your cories. you might as well be chopping them up and serving them on a dinner plate. Get a 40 gallon breeder, and it might work.