Centerpiece fish for a 29g?


Hey guys im setting up a 29g tank and I'm looking for a suitable centerpiece fish

Current stocking plan:
10 Endlers
7 Espei Rasboras
6 Orange Venezuelan Corydoras
1-2 ADF'S
5 ish Amanos

I was thinking about doing a Betta Albimarginata Pair for conservation breeding but i honestly think that they belong in a 10g alone and would likely not make the best fit for breeding in 29 community tank (but still easily possible)

In terms of other options Kribs or Apistos are out because of the corys and i know those guys could have issues

Bolivian Rams are an option since they can do well in cooler and warmer temps
(ive heard that they dont fuss with corys during breeding)

Maybe a Honey Gourami group? I love honey gouramis and have had them before but females are quite hard to come across these days.

A licorice gourami group? Seem like a really cool fish but also seem like a biotope fish and ive heard that they can be sensitive with water parameters (but if tank raised/farm bred, will usually be fine)

Betta Mahachai pair again? As much as I love these fish it would be cool to try something new but these guys are definitely an option.

So potentially?

4-6 Honey Gouramis
4-6 Licorice Gouramis
2 Bolivian Ram Pairs (did some research and saw that many people said corys do well with bolivians and that you could keep two pairs in a 29g with corys but obviously im not too sure)

Any other suggestions or thoughts?


for me i would do bolivians nice colour and a cichlid i love cichlids, ive had very bad luck with gourami and betta can be very aggressive sometimes which is why its hard to know if your buying a freindly peaceful one or an aggressive. perhaps a killifish?


Oh that's right Killi's were another option. Clowns are too small in for a centerpiece if im being honest. A lot of the larger ones like panchax are probably not good. But smaller gardeneri and the orange australe would be cool. Although their sometimes hard to come by.

I'm the opposite where all of my Bettas and Gouramis have been kind to their tankmates and I've had good expirences with both (Mahachai and Splendens)

I really like Bolivian Rams and I've always wanted to enter the realm of dwarf cichlids.

How many do you think I can do?

2 Pairs?


a pair should be fine if your talking bolivians, just watch aggression levels when they wanna breed and if you have space for them.


Ive been doing some more research and im honestly starting to get more and more scared of keeping them with the corys.

This seems like a Betta situation where it depends on the fish since many people's experiences are good and some are bad.

Im still going to do some more research

Any reassurances? (Or further warning for that matter)


for me, bolivian, german blues and gold rams all have been calmish and gentlish with my fish, sometimes there are minor stand offs with platies but that is like once a year for a couple seconds nothing serious just some friendly reminds of who is tank boss(rams). I reccomend rams if you have questions about them i reccommend you chat with coralbandit


If you want to do a centerpiece fish, then you should pick your centerpiece first, whether it's a guppy or a pleco or a puffer, whatever it is that you want to be your tanks main show fish, then build everything around that from tank design and scaping to tankmates.


jmaldo is the Bolivian ram guy on this site .


@jmaldo is the Bolivian ram guy on this site .
Sorry jmaldo, i didnt know you were, i knew coralbandit was a ram guru from his yt vids and well bolivan, gold blue they are all rams so i just @ coral sorry


If you want to do a centerpiece fish, then you should pick your centerpiece first, whether it's a guppy or a pleco or a puffer, whatever it is that you want to be your tanks main show fish, then build everything around that from tank design and scaping to tankmates.
I would but all the fish that i listed i already have in smaller amounts in two 10gs. This tank is essentially combining that stocking list. Besides i wouldn't be giving up corys even if i started fresh.

The initial idea was to do a pair of Betta Mahachai but my female (male hadnt been ordered yet) died.

Also everyone,

Did some more research and found that apisto species like hongsloi, viejita, panduro etc are not as aggressive to other fish during breeding but will still try to protect. Cactoidious if definitely out though

Any thoughts between Bolivian Rams or an Apisto


Hey Bruinfishkeeper1
Bolivians my "Favorite" raised hundreds, very personable fish. I liken them to puppies. Never had a problem with them and cories even when they spawned and protected the fry. The cories were like clumsy oofs, they would venture into the spawning area and the Bolivians would just shoo them away.
If you do decide on a pair, they are very, very protective of their offspring. They have no fear from me, try to attack through the glass and ram my hand when I would enter the tank or even fish 10x their size. They have shared tanks with Angels, EBA, Cories, SAEs, Mystery snails, Yoyo loaches... In fact if a Mystery entered the spawning area they would ram them like bowling balls..

Bolivian Pair.jpg

Bolivian Brood.jpg

Good Luck...

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