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  1. meeeshiemeeesh

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    I have a 29 gal bow front and recently lost my betta fish as my centerpiece in my community tank (I'm pretty sure he ate himself to death ). Planted tank with two large pieces of wood.

    Currently have:
    Three Cory cats: 1 peppered 2 salt and pepper
    Six zebra danios
    One clown pleco
    Seven serpae tetras (just added yesterday)

    I plan on getting two more corys because the pleco bullies them sometimes.

    I wouldn't mind another betta since he got along so well with all of the other fish (the corys were his fav!) but now I'm worried the serpae tetras might fin nip. No angel fish!! It seems like gouramis are my only other option but they're a little boring tbh and might be to slow with the rest of the fish in there.

  2. el337

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    You have some stocking issues I would fix before adding more fish.

    Corys are best kept in a group of at least 6 of their own species. It's not recommended to mix/match so I would rehome either the 1 peppered or 2 salt & peppered and up the shoal of the species you decide to keep.

    The clown pleco is not temp compatible as they need warmer water than the rest of your fish. I would consider a rubber lip pleco.

    Bettas are not temp compatible either with the danios and corys. I wouldn't add one to the tank. And yes serpae tetras are known to be fin nippers.

    You could add a bolivian ram?
  3. Al913

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    So you have 2 species of cories, each need a minimum number of 6 each to complete a shoal.

    As far as the betta, if he "ate himeself to death" that is your problem :(, it means your over feeding.

    I suggest possibly a DG as a center piece, bettas are not the best for community tanks especially since they are also easily picked on
  4. Lauri

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    Everyone seems to have their own ideas about whats right. I really feel like it depends on the fish, the tank and the owner. Best kept is a good place to be but sometimes situations arise. I had a lonely single red cory at one time when starting out. Was told he would be ok but after more than a month he was miserable. I was able to get a sterbai and they have been best buds ever since. Even after I moved them to the 37 and added more they still almost always together.
    Still fairly new at this but I have a 10 gal with 4 corys 5 rasboras and a betta. Yes slightly overstocked but everyone has been doing great for a couple months. I put corys in first to try and set the stage and betta last. Mine seems to love everyone. Hardly ever flares even when the rasboras are being spazy. Feeding wise betta is such a pig! I have to kind of feed him to the side and distracted to make sure he shares.
  5. el337

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    Hi and welcome.

    Situations do arise but it's our responsibility as fishkeepers to provide the best living conditions for these living things. They never asked to come into our homes and be enclosed in a box so I only think it's fair to provide them the best habitat possible.
  6. Lauri

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    Pretty sure that's what I did by watching them and changing the situation when I saw it was a problem. :)
  7. el337

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    Yes and we're just pointing out the issues the OP has so the fish she has will thrive since she did ask for suggestions. :)

    You also have some stocking issues and not just an overstocking problem. If you'd like to discuss, you're welcome to create a thread and we can help. :)
  8. Lauri

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    I just offered my opinion of what works for me. Think I'll pass on the discussion, as I mentioned, I'm aware. Thanks.

    First post and I'm already second guessing joining. Thanks for the welcome.
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  9. Al913

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    As mentioned above I suggest you post a new thread about your tank as you have lots of stocking problems.

    Although, everyone has their own ideas, some ideas are more right than others. Some people ideas are based on rumors while others are based on years of experience from other hobbyist and their own. Simply owning fish for a couple of months and them living doesn't mean your doing things right. If a kid lives his first 5 years without any interaction with humans and barely enough to survive does that mean he will be ok for life? There is a big difference between surviving and thriving.
  10. el337

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    Apologies if my posts sounded rude because that wasn't my intent.
  11. Lauri

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    Right because you know how long I've been doing this and how much experience I have.....

    Thank you. :) I get why people are protective and appreciate that.
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    Let's not sidetrack this thread, please only address the Op meeeshiemeeese's questions & not each other.
    A reminder of the Op's question
  13. Lauri

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    Thought that's what I did. :-/
  14. aquatickeeper

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    You can do this stocking:

    6x peppered OR salt and pepper cory
    6x zebra danios
    1x bristlenose pleco
    7x serpae tetras
    1x honey gourami (centerpiece)

    Keep your temp at the low 70s
  15. Lauri

    LauriNew MemberMember

    Low 70's?? Why do you suggest that?

    Actually I think I get why just probably don't agree so please disregard. :)
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  16. aquatickeeper

    aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    The cories, zebra danios, and BN pleco like temps in the low 70s. Keeping them in the high 70s will shorten their lifespan
  17. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Agreed with aquatickeeper.