Celetial Pearl Danio Murder/Suicide

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by platy1st, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. platy1stNew MemberMember

    First time post here. So I have to first say thanks for all the great advice that's already here in getting my little 10g tank set up. So this morning, I came down to do my usual feeding. I grabbed the food from the cabinet and put it on the table next to the tank. The morning was overcast, so the hallway where the tank is at was kind of dark. I'm also still in a sleepy state at this point, but I see something on the table next to tank. In quick thoughts, I first thought it was bug of some sort but it wasn't moving, then thought it was some fish flakes. Strangely, while I'm thinking this, I also thought why would a bug or fish flakes have the shape of a fish? Finally, I get my senses, I reach over and turn on the hallway light, and bend down to get a closer look and shockingly it's one of my CPDs. Sadly, dead and completely dried. Somehow, in the middle of the night, the CPD jumped out of the water and against all odds flew between the 1/4 inch gap between the edge of the tank and the glass cover, and past away on the table.

    My current suspect is a bigger female CPD, who recently started chasing this smaller one away from the males. I also have a couple of Platies, but they just like to lounge around the bottom and do nothing until feeding time. There's also one Spotted Blue Eye Rainbow that use to chase the CPDs, but lately has decided to join the CPD swimming pattern.

    Anyway, I'll probably never know how it happened, but I thought I'd share my most unusual morning (in fish terms).
  2. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Sometimes they just jump, it happens. Sorry to hear about your little guy. Though, i might add a rainbow is a schooling fish, they need their own kind to be happy and they get too big for a 10gal.
  3. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    I am sorry for your loss! Have you checked your water quality just in case? I have read that sometimes fish jump out and that if it is suicide the reason for it may be something wrong with the water. May be worth looking into. Also I do not know if Celestial Pearl Danios are anything like Zebra Danios, and I have mostly learned this far about zebra danios: for zebra danios bullying of one fish by a more aggressive one is more common if one of the following is true: not enough fish in the school all together, not enough space or overcrowding, some issue with water quality or other factor that is contributing to stress. I do not know about CPDs, but if they are anything like zebra danios there may be some underlying issue that you can resolve to reduce the aggression of your most aggressive fish. There are of course personality issues as well. My best friend swears that she once had the Hannibal Lechter of zebra danios who just murdered all other fish no matter what she did. However, you may want to try to look into whether there is anything you can do to reduce the aggression of your aggressive fish. I read that at times an aggressive fish will start bullying another fish when his or her previous victim dies, so you should carefully observe that. Also I read that if it is not just a personality issue, but there is some underlying factor that causes stress of fish, then removing aggressive fish won't solve the issue, since then another fish will take over the bully role. I hope that none of that happens in your tank! If it were my tank, I would check all water parameters with a test kit, and carefully watch the remaining fish. Once again, sorry for your loss.
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  4. platy1stNew MemberMember

    Yeah, the spotted blue eye rainbow fish was in the bag with the CPDs when I had ordered them. So no plans on getting a school of them. But I've also read that the spotted blue eye only get to about an inch.
  5. platy1stNew MemberMember

    Thanks, I'll check the water just in case. My previous test last week came in all normal and I've been good at doing partial water changes every week. The other CPD's seem to be fine. Yesterday, the males and this bigger female where doing their little circle mating dance.
  6. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Ohhhh a Blue eye, no problem then, though its still appreciate a school of its own.
  7. platy1stNew MemberMember

    I'd love to have a school of spotted blue eyes, but I think with the two platies, I'm near my max for my 10g once I get to six CPDs...assuming they stop jumping out of the tank. Additionally, the wife will not be happy if I tried to upgrade the tank to something bigger.

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