Celestial Pearl Danios wanted!

  1. orangeclumsy1

    orangeclumsy1 Valued Member Member

    I'm looking to buy about 10 CPDs for less than what I can get them at my LFS. They're $7 there and there's no way I'm shelling out $70 for these little dudes! They'll be going in my 20 long shrimp tank which contains RCS, mystery snails, nerite snails, MTS, an amano shrimp, and 6 otos. It is also fully planted.
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    19jimmy17 Valued Member Member

    My LFS has them for $6 each or 6 for $30 which would put them at $5 each so you can get like 12 for $60 but you would also have to pay for shipping so up to you.

    located in Portland, Oregon

    This is there fish list you will fined them towards the bottom
  3. OP

    orangeclumsy1 Valued Member Member

    I've actually found them for about $4 each online with $7 shipping so thank you, but I've got it covered now!:)