Celestial Pearl Danio Eggs


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Hello, it seems I will become a (fish) daddy. I am actually horrified at the thought because I am too young. Just kidding.

My recently acquired 5 Celestial Pearl Danio have laid eggs. Ironically the tank has not been fully cycled. It has been running for 1.5 months and the fish have been in there almost 4 weeks. I added tetra safe start 5 days ago.

Five days ago I noticed bubbles laid all over the hornwort that have little white dots inside them. I have only 2 red cherry shrimp and some bladder snails. I was planning on removing the eggs thinking they are bladder snail eggs. But I noticed the female fish defending them fiercely from all fish and shrimp. So I went on youtube to see how celestial pearl danio eggs look like and they look exactly the same.

I am curious how long these eggs take to "hatch". I am not sure what to do. I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 5 juvenile Black Ruby Barbs that have colored up and are showing breeding behavior. It's not even valentine's day yet. When should I transfer the 5 Celestial Pearl Danio over to the 20-gallons tank to avoid them eating their fry? Would the Black Ruby Barbs eat the Celestial Pearl Danios? I doubt it, but you never know. Should I just leave them as they are? I don't know what to feed the fry in the first place. Something that does not need much work preparing, Unfortunately, I am a very busy man.


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Hi, congrats on the eggs, I have to say I never saw any eggs with my Cpd’s just the fry appearing on a regular basis.
Have you any pics of the eggs? just to make sure they are Cpd eggs as they are quite voracious eaters of their own eggs & fry
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