Celestial pearl danio (aka galaxy rasbora)

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    So I have a spare 10 gallon aquarium now (I moved the bettas into their own two 5g tanks because I felt the divided 10g was stressing them) and want to plant it and stock it. I'll probably re-cycle it (if that's possible?) because I don't know if the bioload of 2 bettas would make the BB strong enough to handle what I'd like to stock.

    I've been looking at different small fish and came upon two I really like: scarlet badis and the celestial pearl danio. I've been reading on the badis and think they are a little too advanced for me, so maybe I'll try them sometime down the road.

    The celestial pearl danios are gorgeous though too! So I've been reading about them and think I'd like to try them. I read they are shy when in small groups, so how many would be too many to keep in a 10 gallon planted aquarium? I'd like to see them active and happy.

    If you have any tips on caring for the species, such as preferred foods or eating habits, tank mates (if my tank is big enough), or anything please do! I'd like to know all I can about them.

    Edit: would I be able to mix some of these with a sparkling gourami or two in a 10 gallon?
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    I believe 8 would be a max stock for a 10gal. They are not a super active species though, they tend to stick to the bottom of the tank and hover in place. Nothing like other danios. They should eat prepared flake foods(good brands like Omega One are best) and pellets. Frozen foods are good too. They like their water in the 76-78 area and a gentle flow. Lots of plant cover as well.

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    Mine are VERY active. They do stay at the bottom as SK said though. I keep a group with red cherry shrimp. I'll give you a list of everything that I've successfully fed them. Kens Golden pearls, kens earthworm sticks, kens color sticks, kens veggie sticks, kens cichlid sticks, kens spirulina sticks, (basically the 5 stick blend), frozen brineshrimp, frozen daphnia, frozen baby brine shrimp, emerald entree, and nls small fish thera a. I have yet to feed them live food. I want to try live microworms. I keep them in 74 F. In the summer, I don't use a heater at all. They come from cold areas of Myanmar. Make sure to have many plants. Mine like to dart in and out of rotala stems.
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    Thank you both! I appreciate the help!
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