Celestial and bubble eyed gold fish

  1. R

    Ruby New Member Member

    I just bought these two goldfish and i am trying to get some info. on them. Any suggestions? ???
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    Paul New Member Member

    Hi ...this might not be much help but a housemate of mine had a celestial and had to be really carefull feeding it as all the others got there 1st...however once it got to a fair size it would feed from his hand .......and be carefull of anything jagged in your tank as they can only see upwards..........obviously ..Ha Ha ..

  3. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    what tank size do you have? Fancy Goldfish need at least 10 gallons for each one, preferably 20 gallons for the first one and ten for each next one.

  4. OP

    Ruby New Member Member

    Ok...i'm a bit worried. My goldfish have these little white things on their tails and the fins seem to be torn. I looked at a few other posts and it seem like they have ich and fin rot. I have a heater in the tank and it keeps the water temp between 74 and 76 degrees. I know for a beta you can raise the water temp to 86 for about a week, but can i do this with my goldfish? How do they get those kinds of deseases anyway?
    Please help.
  5. OP

    Ruby New Member Member

    My bubble eye has popped one of his eye sacs. I don't know how it happened, bu i am worried he will die.
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    Skadunkadunk Valued Member Member

  7. Stradius011

    Stradius011 Well Known Member Member

    Ruby, your bubble eye's eye sac will grow back but not as good as before.