Cedar wood for fish tank?

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    So I carve hiking sticks and staffs out of Cedar wood, I found a few cool pieces for a tank so I cut them off, then baked them for a while, then started soaking them in 5 gallon buckets, the cedar changed the water color, so I changed it, I kept changing it till it stopped doing that, now that it's not changing the water or pH how long till is sinks? Don't know if it matters but it's the roots of a small tree, it was dead on the ground before I took it, so it wasn't green wood. I'm thinking I may just have to attach it to some stones for the tank. It's been soaking for over a month.
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it
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    Just read it, seems like it should be ok, it's old, it's been soaked, I also got water test kits to test the bucket water, it appears to be the same, I think I'll just throw them in a 10 gallon with some guppies to see how they hold up.

    I can't imagine it's that toxic, we have many places here in Tennessee where cedar is all that grows and we have tons of fish and water around here.