CBB not feeding


Gday there,

Have had my 300Lt. tank up and running for two months ,cycled very quickly, loads of live established rock, water parameters been perfect.Added couple of cromis few weeks back. Then added a beautiful Copper Banded Butterfly. One: because they are such a great looking fish and two: to control aipstasia anemone.
Anyway CBB didnt eat anything I fed ( frozen brine, and frozen mix.) and none of the anemone. However last night he/she demolished pretty much all of it and looks like is varaciously looking for more on the rock but still won't eat food I introduce.
Any tips on how to get "Gracie" feeding would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


CBB are often quite difficult to get to feed when first introduced. You may try live brine shrimp.

Stang Man

Also depends on how long the tank has been up and cycled correctly. For any butterflies the tank has to be fully cycled and the rock must be cured for at least 6 month's prior to adding them. It is like a reef tank that has to mature to proper levels for the life to sustain from the rock that lives from the bacteria, and also has to do with certain bacterias that will sustain the tank , just like the ocean. It does take a long time for this to happen.Can you give more details for this tank??


She ate....hooray!

Hey guys ,

Thanks heaps for the feed back, much appreciated.

Good news is she ate last night after she completly destroyed all the aipstasia, I fed some frozen brine shrimp, she had a taste and then it was on for young and old.......what a fish haha!

Info for stangman, Tank is 4ft with trickle filter, bio brick and protien skimmer. Tank has about 30kg of live rock which was out of another established (4yrs.) tank. My water parameters have been pretty much perfect for every test. Also have two metal halides. Only prob been having is temp rises sometimes to nearly 30c.....not good but coming out of summer over here so should be cool. Only other fish in tank are two chromis, thinkin of buying some clean up crew fellas....Any reccomendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks again, CHEERS!

Stang Man

Magaritas, nassaurius,astrea, turbos snails, hermit blue leg or red only for CUC That's great for the CBB awesome!!!


I'm going to be honest, every butterflyfish species dies in less than an year. If you were to google "butterflyfish died", you can see MANY butterflyfish owners from copperband to longnose, and see how their fish died "randomly". I've heard from my LFS that butterflyfish are not good to keep because they are VERY hard to keep alive. One day they act normal, the next day they are looking like they're dying. You can never tell why or how these beautiful fish die.. even with the most perfect water parameters

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