causes of bent spine in fry?


HI all,

I've noticed one of my platy fry in my grow out tank has curved spine. It's about 2 months old, and seems to be growing, swimming, eating and pooping normally with it's siblings.

I've been searching past threads about curved spines, but most threads referred to dying/dead fish. This little fishy is very much alive, so I'm thinking it is not likely to be a disease?

What else could it be? The other factor I thought of was nutrition, but this is 1 out of over 100 odd babies so far (several batches) that has a bent spine. If it were a nutrition problem, I would have thought it would be more widespread.

The fry are fed between 3-5 times a day small pinches of Nutrifin Max baby fish food formula (they're small, tiny granules). They also get frozen brine shrimp several times a week, and a bit of pea once a week.

Could it just been result of genetics, or maybe just one of nature's little mistakes?

Seeing as it is only a young fry, is there something I could do to help it's spine develop properly?


EDIT: I do bi-weekly water changes on this tank due to all the feedings. I test weekly, and it is consistently o ammonia and nitrite, and usually 10-15 nitrates.

Jake the Fish

It may survive it. It has happened to 2 of my black neons and one died and one has survived. It probably hit something.


I think a small number of deformities in fry is just normal. every now and then one of my guppies or platies will have a bent spine fry. so far they all have been surviving and thriving.


I too have a 2 month old Platy Fry that is bent. It is doing well. It may have received damage in the tank.


Could be down to the common reasons of :

1) Inbreeding, the 2 fish that you got might be brother and sister.
2) fry birth accident.
3) some accident in the tank
4) Natural deformed (the unfortunate one)
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