Caught him!

  1. Jnx Member Member

    HoHo! I was *just* commenting about my plakat's having customized a hammock out of Pothos roots, and how it was going to be difficult to catch a picture of him sleeping in it. (Like most bettas, his internal alarm clock is set on "human shadow".)
    But! I snuck up on him and waited for his noon-ish nap, and...[​IMG]...Voila!
    He's awake now, though, lol!
  2. ashleyb Member Member

    Dude my Betta likes to sleep in a hoard of plants and sometimes I think he's dead when I walk by. He seriously looks dead sometimes! But no, he just enjoys his leafy bed lol I love the color on yours.

  3. Jnx Member Member

    They can scare you sometimes, can't they? Lol.
    Thanks! This guy's (I am having serious trouble naming everyone. Superstitious, I think.) colour is what made me get back into bettas. I just could not leave him in the store!
  4. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Cute! My Betta sleeps all over the place. Wherever he passes out, usually some random place on the ground lol. Occasionally he'll sleep in one of the caves I have in my tank.

  5. Jnx Member Member

    It's neat to see everyone's personality, isn't it? My crown tail just floats along under his biggest piece of frogbit to sleep, I sometimes wonder if he sticks to it with his dorsal fin.
    The plakat is a vicious hunter, and the crown tail's like, "Wha? Where'd my food go? I swear it was just here...", and it'll be floating directly above his head.
    I really do need to name them.
  6. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    My Hugo will snap at food and it floats over him and he'll freak out like a dog when you fake throw a ball. And other times he'll snap at the food 20 times before he manages to get it lol poor thing I'm afraid he'd probably starve in the wild where the food can get away

    I have had success hand feeding him though. He also rubs himself against my finger kinda like a cat if I leave my finger in the water for a little bit.
  7. Jnx Member Member

    I've caught my plakat hunting fruit flies (an unfortunate side effect of indoor gardening), and he's serious! They're just past they're intial acclimation stage, so I'm just starting to feel comfortable putting my hand in the pond. While arranging a rock, my plakat swam up and nipped my hand! Fearless!
    I'm thinking of naming them Phthalo and Alizarin or some variation thereof, but that might be a copout.

  8. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Wow! Aggressive Plakat! My Hugo is curious at best, always watching and swimming near my arm when I reach into the tank to do something. He's always exploring and looking around examining stuff.
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I had an epic amount of hair algae in a past tank but I couldn't remove it because the betta who lived in it loved lounging in it. And yes, there were times he was so comfy I thought he was dead!
  10. ashleyb Member Member

    My crowntail is VERY curious, I should have named him Curious George. He is also a vicious beast who won't allow even a nerite snail in his tank with him and goes after his food with utmost aggression. But he cracks me up because I simply walk into the room and bam - he's fluttering on the side of the glass checking me out. He stares at me like "whatcha doin', how was your day?!"

    My dragonscale is a little more shy and sometimes I have to wait for him to show himself for feeding. He is in a room that has less activity and I'm trying to find a place for him in our living room instead. He will sit there with food directly above his head and look at me like it's inadequate before finally accepting that this is his dinner. He's a snob, lol. And he's all about boasting his beautiful colors and fanning all of his fins out. Show off.

    They really do have their own personalities!

  11. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Haha wow! I got lucky that my Betta allows things with drab color. I haven't tried fish but he doesn't pay any attention to Amano shrimp. He flares and occasionally nips at nerites that have color (such as the bright yellow horned and zebra nerites) but isn't that aggressive. When they don't react to his flaring he swims off and leaves them alone. This leads me to assume red cherry shrimp would be dead because their bright color would encourage too much interest.
  12. ashleyb Member Member

    After seeing my Betta go into absolute beast mode on a zebra nerite I'm too afraid to try shrimp with him! He's such a jerk lol. But he's also secretly my favorite fish out of all four tanks, so he gets to stay.
  13. Jnx Member Member

    Mine have both made peace with their snails. It took time and much posturing, but I think they got bored. And the snails learned not to wave their antennae directly at a betta, lol. Anything that flies near the plakat's water surface is toast, though. Glad the walls on my pond are built up!
    I've never tried shrimp (and am totally new to snails, too), but this forum's piqued my curiosity.
  14. ashleyb Member Member

    I wish I could have shrimp! They look so cool but all of my setups have fish that would devour them. I took in a handful of ghost shrimp from a friend and my swordtails wiped them out in a matter of two hours. They were there and then they weren't. I was so fed up. Lol
  15. Cat Catherine Member Member

    Violet Chachki's (my male VT betta) tank is in the kitchen and whenever he's sleeping when my mom walks by she will yell at me that he is dead. Never fails.
  16. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

  17. Jnx Member Member

    At least it was a natural end?
  18. Nicoldeme Member Member

    Cat Catherine, my question to you absolutely nothing to do with the thread (Sorry!) But where'd you get your signature from? I laugh my head off whenever I see it :;laughing
  19. Cat Catherine Member Member

    It's from rupauls drag race!
  20. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Your Bettas are so cute and that palkat is the quirkiest little dude ever! Its adorable to see him just chilling in his little hammock