Catch Breeding Rasbora Before Spawn?



I’m slowly stocking a 29 gallon, and my first fish after cycling were 6 Rasbora heteromorphas (last of stock, unsure when they’d get more). Pretty cool, fun fish I’ve really enjoyed.

So far, they’ve tried to spawn 3 times. This last time, I know for sure I saw eggs.

Unfortunately, the others think they are a tasty treat. I’d like to grow more, since they like a group of 8 ideally, and I’d love another group in my other 29 gallon.

How would I go about catching them before they spawn and transferring them to another tank? I keep missing the courtship rituals, since they are a little weird and spawning at night instead of early morning.

Would this even work? I know they need broad leaved plants or fake plants, even if they do seem to prefer my skinny ones lol

I also don’t want to stress either the breeding pair or the other fish if possible.

I don’t know if I can raise the fry or if they’d hatch, my water peramaters are supposed to be too high to get them to spawn, and are probably too high to hatch the eggs, but I want to try anyway.

Thank you!



Tbh, the easiest way when it comes to egg scatterers is give them their own tank (if they don’t already have one) that is bare/barebottom. Youll inevitably stress them if you have to move them, but they should acclimate fairly quickly and be ready to spawn soon enough.

You can use either large marbles, a mesh set up, or (a personal preference) a spawning mop to “catch” the eggs. After they spawn, you can put them back in their main tank (or another tank) and raise the eggs from there. This way, you won’t have to try and time things and move them when they’re actually ready to spawn (creating stress and causing them not to spawn), and reduce the chances of them being eaten when your not around.


Het Rasboras are not egg scatterers. They lay the eggs on the underside of broad leaf plants. However, isolating a pair in their own tank is still probably the best way to save some spawn. If the male is really colored up bright, and you have a nice fat female, give them their own tank. For breeding, a 5-10 gallon will do. Fill the tank with water from the big tank, this keeps the same chemistry they've been used to. Put a couple of Anubias or even some Crypts in the tank. Anubias can be tied to a rock, the Crypt could be planted in a small container of gravel/soil. Feed them with some live foods for a day or two, then do a 20% water change with fresh water. If they've been breeding, odds are this will trigger spawning that night. If you don't see any spawn in a couple more days, take that pair out and try a different pair, or at least change up one of the sexes.

I have never kept nor bred this species, so the above is based on discussions with other breeders who have done so successfully.


Next time they start their ritual I’ll have to try that. The problem is all but one is pretty much silver. And the one that has colored up is not the one breeding, although I think she’s a female? Not totally sure. She’s getting fat though, so maybe she’ll be ready to breed soon.

Thanks so much for your help guys!

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