Cat Shark issues

Hey y'all, I acquired my first marbled cat shark almost two weeks ago. She's in my 60 gallon(just waiting for my bigger tank to be ready and then she will be moved), all levels are reading good and I use store bought water from the LFS I bought her from to do water changes etc. She hatched there a week before I got her, so must be getting close to 3 weeks of age but I haven't seen her eat. I tong feed my baby eel that she's in with and they get along fine, I often see them sitting with each other in their hides. The eel has shown no aggression during feeding but the shark won't come out when I have food in the tank, she just doesn't seem interested. I've had food in front of her with the tongs but she won't take from me so I always leave a little down next to her when I have to leave in hopes she will eat it when I'm gone. I do have a starfish in there that eats anything he can and so I'm not sure if he is getting it or if she is eating after I leave. But her eyes don't look right to me. They look almost crinkly and I think she might have been born blind. Is there anything I can do to get her to eat? I am going to try squid as I hear that usually gets them but if she's blind will she be able/willing to eat? Does anyone else have experience with owning a blind shark? Do you think she will survive? TIA

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