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Ok, I have a little problem(literally and figuretively). We have a 6-month old kitten who has a new favorite food, my shoe laces. My shoes are in a closet that is 2'x2'. So far I came up with two plans:

a. put a door in to keep him out. Nothing big just enough to keep Jasper out. I have I have an old hutch that's going to the dump, but the doors are 2'x1.5' which might work, as well as various sized boards from 2'x2'-6'x3'.

b. Build shelves to keep the shoes out of reach. I just need brachets.

Nothing hard but there's one problem: Jasper. Hes only a little over a foot tall and I don't think he'd jump it, but is it big enough to keep him out?


I would just keep my shoes in a plastic storage bin with cover until he forgets that he ever had an interest in them.


He won't necessarily ever forget. My cat is something like 8 years old, and he still eats shoelaces (at least he's stopped eating things like headphone cords and Christmas tree lights).

I've seen a kitten jump halfway up my body, and I'm 6' tall. I've seen video of another kitten leap at least four feet to a set of curtains in order to get away from a dog. I've watched a cat literally run up a wall about five feet before reality reminded him that, if his claws didn't sink into the plaster, he can't climb, and therefore he was defying gravity . In short, if the door doesn't cover the closet, the cat can probably jump it.
If you can't swing a door to cover the entire closet, it would probably be better to go with a shelf as high up in the closet as you can.


I agree that higher is better, especially if you have "trained" your kitten not to jump on to things... hasn't work for me plus my cat likes to leave cardboard scrap in my shoes are he is done playing with them.
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I agree with you on that one darksol. Neither of my cats will forget things that easily. J. He doesn't really go after anything unless he knows its there, however knowing Jasper it wouldnt surprise me either.

I'm actually going to do both. If it doesn't work Ill have a back up plan, and having extra shelf space won't hurt. Ill try to post pics when its finished, maybe someone else will find it usefull.

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