Carpet Effects

  1. Rudy Briskar

    Rudy Briskar Valued Member Member

    What affect will a heavy hair grass carpet have on the ability of the clean up crew to keep the bottom clean? I'm planning on Kuhli loaches, MTS AND possibly some variety of plexiglass if there is a dwarf variety.
  2. L

    Landos Well Known Member Member

    My carpet is out of control but my bottom feeders manage just fine
  3. -Mak-

    -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    I'm thinking the loaches and MTS will rip up the carpet before it establishes, unless they are in a different tank. Even after that there may be trouble. I don't think the carpet will affect cleaning ability though.
  4. FreshWaters

    FreshWaters Valued Member Member

    Get chain loaches as they stay small no made than 2.5 inches and have very small mouths like an ant eater mostly sucking in cracks rather than taking big chunks of stuff but be sure to feed them wafers as well to keep them happy and not forced to tear up " eat and survive" your carpet plant's

    PS where I have plants with roots the gravel stays pretty clean but where I have no plants is where trash builds up in the grave I believe because the plants eat that stuff as it trickles into your substrate as a poison if your cleanup crew can't get to it so I wouldn't stress if they can't get into a carpet plant as I believe but am not positive as I'm not an expert my but my opinion its usually clean near roots under plants growth
  5. OP
    Rudy Briskar

    Rudy Briskar Valued Member Member

    Thank you :)