Carp looking goldfish turning orange?

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    kizzet New Member Member

    So I noticed after putting a light into my tank my carp looking goldfish looks like he's turning orange like his tankmates. Does it have something to do with the artificial lights? I turn them on for 12hrs each day about an hour or two before lights out I'll switch the light to blue but I noticed him turning around the nostrils first and thought he may have a skin problem but after examining him he didn't seem to be unhealthy or uncomfortable so I kept an eye on him. Now it seems to be spreading past the gills and he's lightening in color.

    I know this can happen but I'm just looking for advice of someone who knows of has experienced this before just in case I'm wrong. The white patches across his body are missing/healing scales I knocked a few out trying to net him and he tends to be the most aggressive around feeding time due to close quarters and starts little spats and gets them knocked out sometimes.

    Their tank is cycled and my 50g tank has yet to be used but I intend to put them into it when I can so just looking for answers as to why he appears to be changing color thanks!


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    cheese Valued Member Member

    I know that fish can change colours when under stress. but I actually purchased 5 feeder goldfish one time, 5 different colours. a white, a white and orange, a grey, an orange and black, and an orange. the orange and black, and grey eventually turned fully orange, and the orange and white one turned white. or something like that lol. but anyways I ended up with 3 orange and 2 white goldfish, so hopefully this is just a normal colour change. :) I'd look into moving them into a pond asap if possible :)

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    kizzet New Member Member

    Yeah I'll just keep monitoring him it will be interesting to see what color he will end up as!