Care Tips For Anubias Barteri?

  1. Anonymous1212

    Anonymous1212 Valued Member Member

  2. A

    Aceranch Valued Member Member

    I tie mine to a piece of driftwood or a rock it can eventually grab onto. Fertilize of course but I pay attention to my potassium as they seem to appreciate it. I also keep them either shaded under larger plants or in a shadier tank. The slow growth can gather algae otherwise. Last but most important is don't bury the rhizome!!
  3. Lance0414

    Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    I just planted mine in the gravel and 3 out of 4 leaves have survived so far(2 months).
  4. r

    rubysword Valued Member Member

    Anubias in general are pretty easy to care for. There are just a few things you need to watch for. First, and most importantly, make sure the rihosome(i think thats how its spelled... Spellcheck's not helping, it's suggestion was chromosome, lol) is above the substrate. That's the part where the roots meet the leaves. Next, make sure not to put them in too much light, or algea can become a problem.
  5. Mcasella

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    They can handle 6-10 hours of light, algae will start to grow on them around 9 unless really shaded by other plants. Some nutrients are good but they don't take on much of them. Don't bury the rhizome, roots are okay to bury, they will grow into whatever they are on even fake/nonnatural decor.
    A little water flow over them is good, it keeps anything from settling on its leaves.