Care for zebra danio fry

  1. TW181 Initiate Member

    Hi all,

    I recently moved my zebra danios to a larger tank but kept the old smaller tank with some water in, in order to maintain a snail population as we were considering getting a pgymy puffer. The tank has had no filter and only a small amount of water in it as we weren't too worried about the snails (they breed so prolificly!) but my partner noticed today that there seems to be some fish fry in there. By removing the fish and the filter it seems we have inadvertently allowed eggs to hatch.

    Having not planned to breed the danios I don't know how to care for the fry so would appreciate any tips and suggestions, please.
  2. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Keep them in the snail tank and feed them Infurosia and baby brine shrimp.if you put Java moss in the tank infurosia will frow in it and they will eat that.
  3. TW181 Initiate Member

    Thanks. Do you know what sort of survival rate do the fry usually have?
  4. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Usually about 10% survive.
  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    They need large, frequent water changes, and I'd add a sponge filter to the tank.
  6. TW181 Initiate Member

    Can you recommend a suitable filter? My local pet store had a very small one but it looked like the holes were still too large for the fry.
  7. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    A sponge filter would be ideal for fry.
  8. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    You can cover up the intake with a sponge.
  9. Diptarco Singha Initiate Member