Care For African Dwarf Frogs

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    I have two African dwarf frogs in my 10 gallon tank with some other fish. The people at the pet store told me they could just eat fish flakes, but that seemed fishy to me so I bought special pellets for them. However, someone told me on another post that I need to be supplementing their diet with thawed frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp. I am happy to do this if it is necessary and beneficial for my frogs. My question is, is this necessary? If so, where do I get these? Do pet stores generally carry them? I live in a small town with one small pet store, but I am happy to make a drive to the next town 45 minutes away if need be. If there is any other important information or tips on african dwarf frog care, please let me know!
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    I would definitely give them some frozen foods along with frog pellets. :) Most pet stores sell frozen bloodworms and brineshrimp.
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    Mine are currently eating live Daphnia and live Bloodworm from my water butt.

    These are scarce in winter however when they eat mainly frozen bloodworms (after these have been thawed and rinsed in a small fine net).