Cardinal Tetra / Black Tetra Ick / Ich

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HI All,

I have 30 Gallon tetra tank with 8 Cardinal Tetra , 2 Black Neon Tetra, 6 H. Rasboras , 6 Otos, 2 Shrimps.

My current readings are :
Ammonia: .25 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: <20 ppm
pH: did not test.

Though I had a 10 gallon tank before. I have brought this new tank from ADA with all components and it has been running for 1.5 months with a new canister filter and the old Hang on filter from my 10 gallon tank. I did part fish less cycle and once the ammonia levels came down to acceptable levels I started adding the fish slowly. Yesterday I observed white spots on the cardinal tetra's / black tetra's and I immediately started my old tank again and moved the white spot fishes from my ADA tank to 10 gallon. I need help to get them the right treatment. I have read on some forums to use pickle salt and some places not to use salt with neon tetra's. I am totally confused here. I am not even sure if this is ich/ick or if this would go away on its own.

Please help !!


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When I get ich I raise my aquarium temperature to 86 and add extra aeration . Sometimes I also use a med . I personally like API's ick meds they have always worked for me
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That is Ich.
It is an animal, a parasite that swims, so it is in both tanks. Quarantine is not a bad idea with new arrivals, but for Ich, removing fish to a hospital tank is a mistake. You have just spread it to both aquariums.
All of your fish evolved in soft water, millions of years from contact with salt. The species you have chosen are Amazonian. So salt is an unnatural chemical to them, and a not very efficient Ich fighter.
Quickly pick up a remedy with Malachite green (every country has different brands) and follow instructions closely. Ich is easy to eliminate unless you give it time to feed on your fish. Every hour, they weaken and it gains, so speed is of the essence.
Cardinals and black neons are one of my favourite combinations. I hope they can ride it out safely.
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I have plants and shrimps in my ada tank. Will using these maliachite green effect them as well.
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I have plants and shrimps in my ada tank. Will using these maliachite green effect them as well.

Yes, unfortunately malachite green will kill inverts. You could try it at half dose and see if that's enough to get rid of the ich and keep the inverts safe. Or move them to the 10 gallon while you treat.
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I got hold of azoo magic disease treatment. I have also got myself a heater which I have used in the 10G. I have set the heater to be at something around 85.1. I have used the medicine also on the ADA tank as well but without any heater. I will wait and watch and update on any development. One thing I saw yesterday in the 10G when I put the medicine was some scale type white color things in the water which may have come out from the fish body. These were getting eaten back by the fish. I will follow the entire process of de-sanitization on the 10 gallon but may stop any more dozes in the ADA tank since I have plants/shrimps/otos in it. Please advise if I should change anything here.
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Wow, that's a big punch of medicine and some harsh ones included, here are the ingredients I found:
Formalin, Erythromycin, Acrinol, Malachite Green, Masoten.

Formalin and malachite green kill parasites but formalin is pretty harsh, erythromycin kills gram positive bacteria, acrinol is an antiseptic and masoten is another anti-parasitic for flukes etc.

I would definitely not use it anywhere near your inverts.
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Today my fishes seem to be better. After three different bottles of medicine. I have finally found some improvement. I had one otto which has recovered completely. Still 6 Cardinal tetra's and one black neon tetra in the 10 gallon tank. I have used all kind of medicine. Ocean free, azoo Magic treatment, salt but none of them showed drastic improvement. Even raising temp did not show much signs of improvement. Yesterday I used rid-all antI ich and it has worked very well on all of them. I am going to use this medicine for the entire cycle now as this is the only medicine which has shown visible improvement. Maybe the ich completed its cycle and is falling of the fish but at least I am not worried now that my fish still has a lot of ich. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope these fishes recover completely by this weekend. Happy new year to all of you anyways and thanks a lot for your help.

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