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Cardamine Lyrata
Common name - Chinese ivy,japanese cress, or penny wort
Proper name - Cardamine Lyrata
Lighting needs - medium to high
Temperature range - 60 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit
Category - stem plants
Growth rate - fast
Hardness - 4 to 12 NK
PH - 5.5 to 7.5
Difficulty - Easy
Origin - Asia
Position - mid ground to fore ground
Max size - 30 cm, sometimes 40 cm or 11 inches, sometimes 15 inches
Can be grown out of water - Yes
Needs added fertilizers - No but will Benifit from it
Needs added Co2 - No but will Benifit from it
penny wort is a very fun to keep, beautiful, hardy, aquarium plant that can readily be found at most big chain stores or LFS's. this plant loves high loght and thrives in it. my fish love to swim through and rest on these broad, bright green leaves that this plant provides. honestly though, its not the best choices for low light setups as it will shed its leaves, and look like an empty stalk sticking out of the gravel, but don't be alarmed if it looses a couple of leaves when you first get it as this plant always does that when acclimating to a new aquarium

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