carbon use or not use ?


hI I treated my clown loaches who had caught ich anyhow the medication did its job and the fish are happy as larry swimming about again. my question is my tank water seems clearer without the carbon and my plants are growing like mad and all fish are active and well .there has been no difference in my water quality either so should I carry on buying carbon? what are the pros and cons? :-\


i'm also interested to know whether carbon is necessary or not. if you're not removing medications then what's the point of it? is it just a moneyspinner for the lfs? :-\ ???


you don't need carbon just a plain filter works great after a while the carbon starts to throw waste back into the tank just use the carb for removing meds other than that you don't need carbon


If you have medicated, you need to put some carbon in the filter to remove it all. You may not notice the meds but they are still present until they have been chemically removed.

As for everyday use, many people chose not to use carbon because it is not really necessary. It may clear up the water a bit, but it does not serve any function for the fish, and if left in too long it will start leaching chemicals back into the water. So, if you do use it just make sure to change it often.

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