Carbon Filtration?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by thedrunkingpig, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. thedrunkingpigValued MemberMember

    is using a carbon filter in my marine tank a good idea? i have 2 clowns (false) perfectly healthy. the nitrates are too high and i cant keep up with the water changes so i want to build a sump for my tank.

    its a FOWLR but coral in the future may be a possibility.

    so is a carbon filter recommended or a bad idea?

  2. agsansoo

    agsansooWell Known MemberMember

    A lot of SW tanks run carbon. I run carbon 24/7 in a phosban reactor. Though running carbon won't help lower your nitrates. It will keep the water from turning yellow. ;)
  3. carlos413

    carlos413Valued MemberMember

    +1, Some corals do chemical warfare on each other for protection. I would run carbon just for that reason. Some corals can nuke a tank pretty bad. The sump will help lower trates. Good luck. :;hf
  4. NaeusuValued MemberMember

    If you're Nitrates are up too high and all you've got is the two fish then it's a good possibility you're over feeding them. A protein Skimmer would help to reduce nitrates and phosphates in the tank before they became an issue. I've been having a lot of problems myself but after i added the sump and some Chaetomorpha I haven't had any problems at was hard finding a safe spot for the chaeto but i recommend getting some. If your clowns won't pick at it and you can find a safe spot in the display you can put some in that way as well. The chaeto will eat up any nitrates or phosphates in the water and it's not too unpleasant to look at. You dont' need a whole bunch of it but it grows pretty quickly if well fed and most Saltwater Fish Stores will trade it back in for credit when you crop it.
  5. OP

    thedrunkingpigValued MemberMember

    thanks guys. i have a skimmer, although im not sure if its set up properly. i dont feed them too much. when i was cycling it the nitrates were high, then i discovered a dead rotting crab buried in the sand. i dont know how many are still there waiting to be discovered.

    will let you know how it pans out :) i'll definitely try to get some of the chaeto, cheers for that!
  6. rt12Valued MemberMember

    Carbons fine I run it on my nano reef. Adding some inverts might help lower your nitrates by getting rid of detrius

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