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    Hello all, I was curious as to most people's thoughts on using the pre made filter media that comes with h o b filters, I know most only use carbon after medically treating a tank and or to remove tannins and stuff like that, I read a lot don't even use any carbon at all as it only used to absorb these few things, with that said in addition u can get caught up in changing those carbon media replacement pads monthly and that can add up quick., so my question would be this, should I ditch the carbon and add say phosphate pads bio foam pads ceramic rings to all my filters in diff combinations, or may be save a slot in one hob filters for a carbon pouch? If so what's a good combination? I have two tetra 60's and a fluval 306 can filter all working together on one tank I tell u this so u know how many upturn I have for diff combos so please, got lots of room for money saving ideas and suggestions for using media that don't need changed like ceramic rings that I have sitting around, thanks guys and girls appreciate the input and ur time
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    I'm my HOB's at least I don't use the cartridges I use a combinations of sponges filter floss and bio max and no carbon unless I'm removing meds.

    Hope that helps a bit ;)
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    Filter cartridges are expensive and comes with carbon. I ditch mines. I use the Marineland white/blue pads. Cut them up to size and place them into my HOBs. I rip off the pads off the filter pads that comes with the filter and save the inner plastic, to use it to help keep the cut up pads in place. For the biological, I place ceramic rings into a bag (got from Dr Foster and Smith), then place it into the filter. If you can place it in front of the filter pads, it will stay cleaner.
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    The salient

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    Thank u for the input
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    I also do not use the filter cartridges, I use lava rock as my biological media and 100% polyester and my mechanical media
  6. grantm91

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    Keep the plastic insert rip the floss off it, empty out the carbon an wrap a new peice of floss round it i change the peice of floss every two weeks. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Tgere is the filter, the floss and the clarity of my water, just experiment with the ripping of the floss. Good luck and upload some pics
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    So the floss you're referring to is really just Poly-Fill? Like the stuff you put into pillows? Anything special that needs to be done prior to placing the "floss" in the filter? I have 2 AquaClear 30s on my 30 gallon tank.

    Current media setup in each filter:
  8. grantm91

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    No literally just put it in there as good and as neat as you can, alls i have in mine is sponge and floss. I just use it for mechanical, also if i wanted to or needed to i could put things to buff my ph. Thats why i have the H.O.B.
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    I just set up my brand new filter today (in my brand new tank) I have seeded media in a separate filter also.

    But I have mine set up with a Prefilter sponge around the intake, then crushed coral for my buffer (low dkH), ceramic rings, filter floss (polyfill) then the sponges that came in the filter. It came with Seachem Matrix, but I was already using rings, so I just saved that for later. No carbon at all

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    Sorry so late with the reply, I now have sacks of ceramic rings used in the the pouches that fluval carbon packs held, one for each section in both Tetra 60's thanks for all the replies and information! And grantm91 that water is outstanding
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    After reading about the carbon and needing to change it every 30 days (which is why the filter companies tell you to do that, not because the filter padding or cartridge has gone bad), I removed the carbon from my filter and kept the cartridge. I added other media to the filter reservoir, as well as a prefilter sponge on the intake. This change for the filter has been in use for over a year now, same cartridge filter. That totally reduced the expenses of having to buy new ones, even if I was being cheap and extended a particular cartridge for 6-8 weeks instead of 4. The 6-pack of filters I bought, thinking I was saving money by not buying individually, now has 4 unused filter cartridges over a year later, because I haven't even thrown away the initial two that I opened up (for two different filters). At this rate, I'm not even sure when or if I'll use those 4 remaining filters.