Funny Captured Rogue Ninja Frog


I was cleaning the ball python habitat this morning. When I picked up the water bowl, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a green tree frog jump off the bowl. I asked my manager for a flashlight, and she asked me why. I said I think I hallucinated a frog jump out of the ball python habitat. She mentioned something about not getting a frog that was supposed to be in a shipment a couple weeks ago.

I looked under the shelving he seemed to have hopped under, but I didn’t see anything. I moved to the next isle, and saw a frog climbing up a package of hamster bedding! I grabbed him and called my manager to set up a container I could put him in. Once we made sure he was okay (he wasn’t even underweight, I guess he was helping himself to the spider buffet. They’re EVERYWHERE). I put him with the other tree frog and gave him some calcium-dusted waxworms.

My theory is that he escaped his container in the shipping box and climbed in/on the ball python bag (they’re shipped in drawstring bags). Whoever unboxed the pythons must’ve dumped them in the habitat without a second thought. I also have another theory that ball pythons don’t eat frogs.


Bet the other frog is getting quite the earful about his adventures!

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