Captive-bred neon & cardinal tetras, and a question. Question

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Orion5, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Orion5

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    Hey all,

    I want to start an aquarium with large schools of neon tetras and cardinal tetras. I haven't kept these fish in a really long time, and am wondering if they are compatible? Also, are they mostly capitve-bred nowadays? I wouldn't want to buy wild ones.

    Also would like any suggestions for other tetras that are tiny & colorful such as these, and that would live harmoniously with the others. I believe there is a "black" version of the neon somewhere, but not sure.

    Thanks for any & all input, and have a great day!
  2. Akari_32

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    Florida Raised Neons and Cardinals are gorgeous. Even under stress, their colors are bright and they are active. California Raised might be a better option, since its a bit closer. I've heard these are also very high quality.

    Black Neons are not actually "Neon's", so to speak, but are still Tetras. They are gorgeous as well. I loved mine, but got a back batch, and never replaced them :/ I don't know if these come in a Florida/California Raised variety or not.
  3. vwmam1

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  4. OP

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    Akari: Pardon my ignorance here, but when you say Florida or California "raised" do you mean that they are bred in captivity there, or harvested from the wild and acclimated in these areas?

    I like the rummy nose tetras! Would they get along with schools of cardinals and neons, and are they available captive-bred as well?
  5. Akari_32

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    They are bred and raised there, yes :) Usually you get fully grown fish. Sometimes the Cardinals are a bit on the smaller side when they're sold though, so they would still have some growing to do.

    Rummies are very popular, so I would think they are captive bred, too.
  6. Junne

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    I have both cardinals and neons and they get along great! My cardinals are babies, as is my neons. some of my neons are the size of my cardinals.
    The cardinals are wildly popular here.

    Also my tetras include Ember tetras as well as Glowlight tetras. They pretty much all school together.
  7. ZeeZ

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    I got three neons and three cardinals and they school great together but the three black neons I got don't really school with the others. I was hoping they would.
  8. Siggi

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    I have 16 rummynoses and 25 cardinals. All are very active during the day time, but the rn's like to stand in the current coming out of the filter, while the cardinals peacefully wander around the rest of the tank.
    I also have a group of glass catfish. They stay in the shadow-areas during the day, as a tight shoal - at night they come out and are very active. I've made a 'moonlight'; it comes on at 'sundown' (21:30) and goes off at 02:00. The cory cats and the glass cats are all over the place after dark.

    The only one who chases anyone else is the SAE - especially the rams - but the aquarium is big and full of places to hide, so it isn't really a problem... See my blog for a few shots of the tank...